Eric M. Stager, CSP, CIHRegion VIII Vice President

Eric M. Stager, CSP, CIH


Eric M. Stager, CSP, CIH, is a consultant with Environmental Occupational Risk Management (EORM) Inc., in its Boston office. His responsibilities include providing client services such as audits and SH&E program development, training, industrial hygiene monitoring, indoor air quality service, and environmental program development. His experience includes more than 12 years as an SH&E manager for chemical and pharmaceutical companies as well as more than 8 years in consulting. Eric holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Eric joined ASSE in 1996 and is a professional member of the Greater Boston Chapter. ASSE service includes Greater Boston Chapter offices, culminating as chapter president in 2003; New England area director, Region VIII (2006-08); and Region VIII deputy regional vice president (2008-09). Eric also has served on the New England Area Professional Development Conference as the Exposition, Speaker and Conference Committee chair. He is currently assisting Region VIII as the Stars Program Committee chair.

Eric has served the Council on Practices and Standards (COPS) as the conference/seminars chair for the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty (IHPS) (2002-05); IHPS assistant administrator (2005-06); IHPS administrator (2006-10); and vice chair, COPS (2008-10). He also serves on the Body of Knowledge and Leadership Conference committees. He was named the Greater Boston Chapter Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) in 2006; the IHPS SPY in 2011; and has received several special recognition awards from COPS. Eric is involved in Boy Scouts of America as the cubmaster for Pack 1 in Manville, RI.


It is a privilege and honor to run for Region VIII Vice President, representing our outstanding members. As an ardent proponent of SH&E, I want to use my passion, leadership skills, and ability to listen to and represent this great region. Through the years ASSE has given me much in my career development. I see this opportunity as a chance to give back just a fraction of what has been given to me.

I believe that my primary role as RVP is to provide strong and thoughtful leadership for Region VIII. In doing this I look forward to leading Region VIII into the future. Undoubtedly, there will be many decisions to be made and positive changes that will result as we have begun the next millennium of the Society. I believe that my role as RVP is also to promote communication from the chapters, areas, sections and student sections to the Society and the Board. I will work to continually improve communication from chapters to promote our society.

Members are always looking for better tools to conduct their jobs (Professional development, networking, and government affairs). The Society must continue to fulfill these roles to sustain us as the premier SH&E association in the world today.

I plan to work with the CoPD to continue to develop regional programs for members.

Similarly, I would work with the CoPS as we launch the development of the Body of Knowledge. I would also work with the CoPA as we continue to define the profession as industry morphs through emerging technologies.

My plan is to use my ASSE, technical, and business experience to provide leadership, assistance, and consultation to Region VIII. As the leader of the team, it is my sincere desire to assist the chapters in providing service and value to our members.