Christine M. Sullivan CSP, ARMVice President, Professional Development

Christine M. Sullivan CSP, ARM


Christine M. Sullivan, CSP, ARM is the Senior Vice President, Risk Control Services Manager for Lockton Companies, LLC in Denver, Colorado. Ms. Sullivan has over 20 years of health and safety experience. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Factors Engineering from Tufts University. After interning for an insurance carrier in college she took a loss control training position with that carrier. For the past eleven years she has been employed by Lockton Companies, the largest privately held insurance broker in the world. She is responsible for a staff of 30 associates who help both national and international companies with their risk management and safety activities. In addition, Ms. Sullivan acts as a liaison to numerous mid sized companies serviced by her office.

An ASSE member since 1996, she served as the Colorado Chapter President from 2000 - 2001. During her term as president, the chapter earned a Chapter Achievement Award. Ms. Sullivan is a member of the Risk Management and Insurance Practice Specialty Advisory Group and is currently assistant administrator for that group. She has served as a member of the Council on Professional Development since 2006. Previously, Ms. Sullivan served for 6 years on the National PDC Planning Committee, with three of those years as the Chair. She was also a member of the 100th Anniversary Task Force, the Loss Control Symposium Planning Committee, and the Leadership Initiative Task Force.

Christine has received the Charles E. Culbertson Award from the Society, as well as the Risk Management and Insurance Practice Specialty Safety Professional of the Year award.


Over the past six years I have had the opportunity to be a member of the Council of Professional Development. In order to be successful, Professional Development must continue to reach out to the safety community, other ASSE councils, and fellow industry societies to develop new initiatives that will expand the development opportunities for all our members both within the United States and internationally. We need to evaluate the needs of our student and entry level members, as well as our more seasoned members, in order to ensure we are offering development opportunities for members of all experience levels.

We need to continue to look to the future and see what emerging issues are on the horizon and prepare our members to deal with these issues. We need to be aware of the advancements in technology and expand on the distance learning based offering that are available to our membership.

The key to our future success will be to remain focused on the key issues facing our members but also having the forethought to identify what unidentified issues will be the next major challenge. I believe my experience in the professional development area within ASSE will allow me to meet these challenges and continue to improve development opportunities for our members.