Kathy A. Seabrook, CSP, CMIOSH
Global Solutions, Inc.
Mendham, NJ


Kathy is president and founder of Global Solutions, Inc., a global SHE management consultancy for midsize private to global multinational companies.  She is best known for her work in strategic/global SHE management and recognized as an international speaker, leadership educator and seminar presenter, having published in several books including, ASSE’s Safety Professional’s Handbook.  She is a CSP, Chartered Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and has a BS in Chemistry. 

Kathy’s ASSE leadership experience spans the chapter, region and Board of Directors levels.  She currently chairs the CoPA Sustainability Taskforce, CoMRA Global Committee, CoPS International Practice Specialty (IPS) and WISE membership committees, and is on the advisory committee for the IPS, WISE and the IOSH International Group.  She served two terms on the BOD as VP CoPS, was on the Society Strategic Planning,  Bylaws (chaired), PDC Planning, Business of Safety and Admissions committees.  She has served on chapter executive and region operating committees, was the first Administrator/founding member of the ASSE IPS and UK Section.  She serves/served on the ANSI Z10 and OHSAS 18002 committees (respectively) and chaired the ASSE International Membership Taskforce.  She has represented ASSE at the NIOSH Green Jobs workshop, Singapore Institute of Safety Officers, Society of Human Resource Managers and NAEM national conferences, UN Commission on the Status of Women and on the recent ASSE China Safety Professionals Delegation.  

Kathy received ASSE’s IPS Safety Professional of the Year, President’s and Charles V. Culbertson Outstanding Volunteer Service awards, and IOSH’s Distinguished Service award.


The future of ASSE is dependent upon how well our Society’s leaders both understand the business, government, political, international and scientific arenas in which we operate  and are able to demonstrate the value, relevance and knowledge of the safety profession to our employers, the business community, legislators, regulators, academics and other stakeholders.

My experience in international corporate business, management and ownership of an independent business as well as ASSE leadership provides me with a deep and broad perspective which I will bring to the leadership role of ASSE Senior Vice President.  I understand that collaboration and consensus building are a vital element to this leadership role.  Throughout my ASSE leadership involvement, spanning the section, chapter, region, practice specialty, common interest group (CIGs), standards development, Society committee, international and Board of Director’s levels, I have demonstrated that I am decisional, committed, collaborative, and passionate about our profession and have worked diligently, with integrity, to achieve ASSE’s goals and objectives and identify and mentor future leaders.  If elected, this is the leadership approach and style I will bring to the role of Senior VP, along with a commitment   to listen to students, members, sections, chapters, regions, practice specialties, common interest groups and fellow Society leaders. 

As an ASSE leader, I offer a vision that will be focused on you, the ASSE member.  We are an organization for safety professionals and all we do must ultimately benefit our members.  To achieve this means actively seeking innovative ways to engage ASSE members as well as our external partners and stakeholders; understanding the issues at hand and making good decisions to further ASSE’s goals and objectives all on behalf of you and the safety profession.    

These are some of the key priorities I believe are important:       


I see a future where the safety profession is highly valued by our stakeholders, ASSE members are better able to advance their careers as well as their organization’s safety and health objectives, and ASSE takes a lead role in advancing safety and health education, awareness and standards which benefit workers, ASSE members, employers and the value and relevance of the safety profession and our Society.  If you too see ASSE working towards this future, I ask for your vote.  Together we can create an innovative future beyond that which we imagine today.