Thomas J. Nolan III, P.E., CSP
Safety Assurance Management
Winchester, NH


Thomas J. Nolan III, P.E., CSP is principal of Safety Assurance Management, Winchester, NH.  He directs business activities; develops & conducts training for clients needing safety programs, inspections/audits, and/or training.  He helps clients minimize safety and health risks by eliminating/reducing hazards, preventing/reducing frequency of hazard exposure and/or reducing effects of hazards exposure presented by business operations.

Nolan has 28 years in safety.  Before SAM, he worked 6 years as ‘Manager of Safety Assurance and Security’ for Cabot LNG/Distrigas of Massachusetts, and worked for GTE Sylvania for 17 years, finishing his career as corporate ‘Manager of Employee Safety and Industrial Hygiene’.  Nolan holds a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Vermont and an M.B.A. from Boston College.

An ASSE professional member since 1989, he has held offices from Treasurer to Past-President, Granite State Chapter; has served on the ASSE New England Area Region VIII PDC Committee since 2004 as either Chair for Moderators, CEUs/CMs or the ASSE Foundation Scholarship Fund; and sits on the National Safety Council Safety & Health Council of Northern New England Education Committee since 2006.

Nolan currently serves as ASSE’s New England Area Director, Region VIII, 2008-2010. Nolan was Granite State Chapter’s Safety Professional of the Year in 2006 and New England Area’s SPY in 2007.  He received Safety & Health Council of Northern New England’s ‘Instructor of the Year’ award for 2005-2006.

In his community, Nolan has served 4 years on the United Way Advisory Board, ‘RSVP’Program, and volunteers for the AARP ‘Billpayer Program’.


As safety professionals meet the ever-changing challenges of keeping our workplaces and workers safe, our Society must grow and strengthen at a pace greater than the challenges placed before us.  Keeping our local chapters and our Society growing in membership, meeting the needs of current and new members, and demonstrating the ASSE benefits is a challenge worth our focused efforts.

Today’s youth, like their parents, have new, challenging tasks ahead as technology and our environment advance at an ever-increasing rate.  Attracting and actively involving these future leaders in safety is paramount.  On a daily basis I work to show, by example, that a career path in safety affords job satisfaction, job security, personal satisfaction and markedly impacts a business’ long-term success.  Top management of companies ‘who get it’ see safety as a core business value.  Making sure others see it the same way is my personal goal.

I see tremendous opportunity to further entrench these core values throughout New England.  I currently see this being demonstrated in our Region VII chapters and student sections.  My vision is to work actively, communicatively and collectively with the 6 New England states leadership to plan, organize, coordinate and budget this process.
Companies may ‘know’ that safety pays, but often don’t know where to begin.  With businesses trying to stay viable, the frustration of another skill to be learned often is paralyzing.  It is up to us, as a Society of safety professionals, to assure that they know that safety begins with us – ASSE.