James D. Smith, M.S., CSP
Managing Director
Southeast Region Risk Control Services
Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services
Boca Raton, FL


James D. Smith, CSP, Director, Southeast Region Risk Control Services for Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services is a professional member of Region IV and member of ASSE for 30 years, residing in Boca Raton, Florida. Smith was previously employed as Safety and Claims (Liability) Manager for 18 years at South Florida Water Management.   He currently serves as a Board member, as ASSE’s Vice President of Finance. 

ASSE Society experience includes Board-level service as Vice President-Council of Practices/Standards (two terms) overseeing Practice Specialties, Branches, Standards Development Committee, and Common Interest Groups and Vice President-Council of Professional Affairs (one term) including the Governmental Affairs, Educational Standards, Professional Recognition Committees and Intersociety Relations.

Smith earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science Degrees in Industrial Safety from University of Central Missouri and is Certified Safety Professional. Society recognition for service includes ASSE’s Edgar Monsanto Queeny “Safety Professional of the Year” 2004, Charles V. Culbertson Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service and President Award for outstanding contributions.

Additional service to ASSE includes chapter/national experience including six years as Chairman/Member Standards Development Committee, two years service on Finance Committee; Professional Development Committee; Public Relations Task Force, Gold Coast Chapter President (two terms) and NORA/NIOSH Research Task Force.

Jim contributed to several ANSI Standards Committees (ANSI Z590 Chair, Z10, A14, A10.33, A14.3 Chair, A1264.1/1264.2), and as an Expert Reviewer for Professional Safety Journal. 

Mr. Smith’s influence and contributions continue to shape ASSE policy, procedures and processes that sustain ASSE as a successful and leading SH&E professional organization.


I am honored to serve these past two years as Vice President of Finance and again as a candidate for re-election. Tough economic times require informed and focused decisions to assure financial health for ASSE. I can report that our Society’s financial health is sound during these two years of stewardship. While not without challenge, we financially sustained products and services to our membership, reduced expenses managed a robust investment portfolio and derived a modest profit.    

We implemented a financial management system improving performance reporting and driving budget practices aligned to the strategic plan. Financial challenges continue and we must grow our revenue to meet ongoing financial needs. Growing non-dues revenue reduces dependency on membership dues.  Upon re-election, I will continue my work to increase performance that achieves our budget/income goals. 

I remain focused and committed to membership needs while seeking improved financial practices and accountabilities. It is important we invest in our profession and membership services.  There are many important competing needs requiring financial support such as Chapter Support, Academic/Student  Programs, Governmental Affairs Advocacy,  Professional Recognition of the SH&E Profession.

ASSE’s strength is our member networks and diversified collective knowledge.  As your VP of Finance, I will continue my work to assure funds availability for expansion of SH&E Body of Knowledge through enhanced technologies and in service to our membership. 

As we approach ASSE’s 100th anniversary, our heritage of success will be celebrated throughout our membership. Key to meeting our members’ needs will be innovative financial planning and execution as we journey into the next 100 years.  To this end, I ask for your vote and in return promise to serve our profession, members and strengthen ASSE’s financial framework. My record of financial growth speaks for itself. Now it’s time to speak by casting your vote for Jim Smith.