George W. Pearson, CSP, ARM
Regional Safety Manager
Richmond, VA


George is currently the Vice President of CoPS having been a prominent member of CoPS since 1995.  He presides over the Council of Practice and Standards in addition to its standing committees.  Last year he saw exceptional growth in the number of Practice Specialties and Branches providing additional participation opportunities for Practice Specialty members.  While under his leadership the Council introduced innovative technical advances including easy reading electronic newsletters.  CoPS has continuously contributed to the Body of Knowledge with newsletters, technical publications, and PDC session sponsorships. 

Under George’s leadership and in previous assignments on the Council he is credited with awards for governance while Risk Management and Insurance Practice Specialty Administrator.  As a founding member of the International Practice Specialty he managed the International Forum Program, which brought together international safety professionals to programs of interest and importance in the US and Canada.

George has published articles and white papers and has been a PDC and Webinar Speaker.  In 2007 George received the Culbertson Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service for his work with CoPS.  He is the recipient of four (4) SPY awards from his Chapter, Region IX, the International Practice Specialty and CoPS.

He is currently employed by Walmart Stores as Regional Safety Manger responsible for 117 Stores and 35,000 employees.  He has over 27 years of experience in corporate level safety and risk management.  He has a Master’s Degree in Safety Management form New York University’s School of Education and a Bachelors degree from Fordham University. 


As your current VP my view of CoPS and how it should be managed is based on 14 years experience with Practice Specialties.  In 2009 CoPS significantly grew adding Practice Specialties, Branches and with growth of Common Interest Groups.  Overall CoPS remains strong with over 20,000 paid members.  Continuous improvement remains the foundation of my vision for the Council. My goal will be to facilitate the continued smart growth of CoPS creating more membership and participation opportunities for ASSE.  As your VP, I will stress these strategies:

Continuing to focus on managing our knowledge capital and sustaining our body of knowledge remains my main objective.  The BoK committee over the last year has exceeded expectations.  ASSE members need reliable and accessible intellectual resources to do their jobs maintaining the competitive balance in today’s business environment.  Our knowledge capital is immense and must be skillfully managed.  I hope you will see me as the clear choice in fulfilling this challenge.