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Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Consultants Candidate


Andrew W Johnson, CSP



Andrew Johnson, CSP, Safety and Health background includes 20 years of occupational safety compliance experience with a core focus in the areas of Lockout/Energy Control, Electrical Safe Work Practices, Confined Space, and Fall Protection.  He has developed programs and provided safety training for various types of industrial classifications, municipalities, and office building maintenance workers. As project manager of safety compliance projects he was in charge of safety projects and initiatives exceeding $1 million.  These projects comprised; site hazard assessments, job hazard analysis, data collection, testing, plant/process modifications, employee safety training, safety program development/review and recommendations.  He has been a guest speaker to numerous organizations including ASSE Chapter Meetings, VPP Conferences, National Safety Council, Ohio BWC, Greater Cleveland Safety Council, Summit County Safety Council, and Cleveland Engineering Society.  Andrew holds a CSP certification and is an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer.   Andrew also provides specific safety discussions/training sessions at annual client corporate safety meetings to cover various topics of safety compliance.

Platform Statement

I am running for the office of Assistant Administrator for the Consultants Practice Specialty to bring my experience with the safety consultant business model and help bring some new insight and ideas to the table. With being not only a Safety Consultant myself but also a Partner in a consultant company having to handle employees, taxes, insurance, and human resource issues I feel this brings a vast background of knowledge and perhaps some solutions that others might find helpful and beneficial.

Additionally I would like to bring focus to ensuring the services that Safety Consultants offer are “real-world” in that they take into account the work environment, conditions, worker skill sets, budgets, etc. We see many programs and initiatives that have been attempted by previous consultants or service providers that just do not work for the particular application.

I am looking forward to getting more involved with the Practice Specialty and serving in this roll and others in the years to come!

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