Thomas F. Cecich, CSP, CIH

Area Directors Candidate

Region VIII - New England Area - Eric Clouthier


Eric Clouthier is a safety manager for Georgia-Pacific Gypsum in Newington, NH. He manages safety, health and security programs for the facility. Eric is also a call firefighter/EMT with the North Hampton, NH Fire & Rescue Department.

Eric has over 13 years’ experience in the SH&E field, including the last two with GP. Prior to his time at GP, he spent seven years as a safety engineer at Harvey Building Products where he managed EHS programs for 1,500 employees across 37 locations.  He has also held EHS positions in manufacturing, wholesale/retail and state government organizations. He holds a B.S. in Occupational Safety from Keene State College.
Eric has been involved in ASSE since 1997, and is a Professional Member of the Granite State Chapter. He has served on the Granite State Chapter Executive Board since 2003 when he began serving on the Communications Committee.  He then served in elected positions as Treasurer, President-Elect, and Chapter President successively. Eric remains active with the Granite State Chapter as Awards & Honors Chair and on the Nominations Committee. He also served as Assistant Area Director for the New England Area in 2007, Chair of their Professional Development Conference Committee from 2008-2011 and Area Director from 2012-2013.  Eric was the Granite State Chapter’s Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) in 2008, New England Area SPY in 2009, and Region VIII SPY in 2009.

Other professional safety organizations that Eric is active in include the Safety & Health Council of Northern New England and the North Hampton Firemen’s Association.

Platform Statement

As environmental, health & safety professionals, we must continue to push forward and grow our profession.  As the economy continues to rebound, it is still important than ever for us to show the business value that our profession provides to our companies.  We must continue to work to keep our Society and local chapters strong through increased membership, developing programs that meet the needs of our members and encouraging professionals in the field to take the time to become an active member in this great organization.

In today’s fast-paced, technology driven society, we must find a way to reach our members on a personal level and to put forth programs that bridge the gap in the generations to serve all of our members from the students through the mid-career to those working through the twilight of their careers.  We must ensure that professional development opportunities exist for our membership to maintain their skills and develop new effective skills to keep our field moving forward.  We must continue to work with executives and senior management to ensure that safety is developed into a core business and cultural value within each company.
My vision is to work with all of the chapters in the New England Area to effectively prepare, communicate and execute their strategic plans in a way that will lead to the success of those chapters.  We must continue to adapt to the changing business environment before us and step up, as a Society of safety professionals, to become active volunteers to increase awareness of environmental, health and safety issues in our workplace, community and our profession.