James D. Smith, M.S., CSPVice President, Professional Affairs Candidate

James D. Smith, M.S., CSP


James D. Smith, M.S., CSP, director of risk control services for Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, is a professional member of Region IV and an ASSE member for 30 years, residing in West Palm Beach, FL. Jim was previously employed as safety and claims (liability) manager for 18 years for South Florida Water Management. Jim holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Industrial Safety from University of Central Missouri.

Jim served 10 years on ASSE’s Board of Directors, in three major leadership positions including vice president of finance (two terms), managing the Society’s finances, budget and investments; vice president, Council on Practices and Standards (two terms), overseeing practice specialties, branches, the Standards Development Committee and common-interest groups; and vice president, Council on Professional Affairs.

Committee experience includes Council on Professional Affairs, Council on Practices and Standards, Finance, Executive, Strategic Planning, Standards Development, Body of Knowledge, Risk Assessment Task Force, Public Relations Task Force, Professional Code of Conduct, Congress of Councils, Professional Development Conference Planning and NORA Research Task Force. Jim also has been a chapter delegate and is a two term elected chapter president.

Society awards/honors include ASSE’s Edgar Monsanto Queeny Safety Professional of the Year (2004); Charles V. Culbertson Outstanding Volunteer Service Award; and President’s Award for financial management (2010 and 2012). Jim serves on several ANSI standards committees [ANSI Z590 (chair), Z10, A14, A10.33, A14.3 (chair), A1264.1/1264.2] and he has been an expert reviewer for Professional Safety. His influence and contributions continue to shape ASSE policy, procedures and processes that sustain the Society as a premier SH&E professional organization.


For a decade, I served in three major leadership positions on the ASSE Board which has provided necessary understanding of Society operations while building member relationships. My primary objective is to continue positive change for members, our profession and the Society. 

Vision:  ASSE’s strength is the diversity of knowledge of our chapters, regions and global members.   I support investing in the professional to enhance employer and community understanding of our profession by demonstrating contributions through governmental affairs, public relations, academics, research and professional recognition.  

Forward Growth:  We must accelerate efforts by the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability, a thought leader in advancing the recognition of our profession.  The Center creates a voice for safety professionals in shaping corporate sustainability policies.  It will educate the business community on the importance of safety & health in sound corporate governance/social responsibility.

It is imperative we invest resources in preparing individuals entering the safety profession. Working with diverse stakeholders, we need defined core competencies and standards of practice for safety professionals. The scope/functions of the safety professional, relevant bodies of knowledge, competencies and certification schemes play an integral part.  Academia and higher education institutions through their accredited programs will be key to delivering quality education to meet these core competencies.

For Governmental Affairs, both federal and state activities, I will advance our successes and invest in technological tools to obtain timely member input to advocate for us. Influencing such public policy in workplace safety is based on evidence-based practices.  In this context, we must promote the work of the Risk Assessment Task Force to inform safety professionals in using a risk-based approach in managing workplace exposures.

My 32 years as chapter, region and Society leader provides a solid foundation for trustworthy and focused service. I ask for your vote to help implement these issues.