G. Alan Brown, CSP, CPEARegion VI – Southern - Area Director

Horace G Rozier Jr., CHMM


Horace G Rozier Jr., CHMM, is currently the EHS Manager for Becton Dickinson Technologies located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina where he is in charge of all OSHA and EPA programs for 45 biological and chemistry labs.  Horace has over twenty years’ experience in the Environmental and Safety Fields.  Horace began his career as the first Onsite-Hazardous Waste Chemist for Ecoflo Inc. servicing Glaxo Inc. and was later hired by Glaxo to assist with their Environmental Programs.  During Horace’s 14 year tenure with GSK, his tenacity, drive, and love of learning lead him to perform a myriad of EHS duties including, drafting and publishing Environmental Assessment for GSK’s New Drug Applications, incinerator operations, radioactive waste programs, fire safety systems, HAZWOPR Emergency Response Team, accident investigation and auditing.  After leaving GSK, Horace worked for Wyeth Vaccines in Sanford, NC where he was heavily involved in manufacturing and construction safety.

Horace has maintained professional membership with ASSE since 1999 and has served in all volunteer officer positions.  He has hosted the RTP ASSE monthly meetings at his facility for the last year.

As well as ASSE membership Horace also maintains Master Level Certification as CHMM since 1995.

Horace is a firm believer in the education and outreach goals of both of these professional groups. 

Horace has a BS degree in Biochemistry and a BS degree in Microbiology from North Carolina State University.


It is wonderful to see the EHS fields continue to grow in reputation and become integral to the success of all great companies. However, the global economy is squeezing professional travel budgets. Time is precious and individuals demand life balance. The internet is in full force and wireless devices are literally everywhere now.

New technology creates hazards and challenges that have to be identified and controlled, yet at the same time this technology can help spread our ASSE “Body of Knowledge”.  Due to dwindling time and resources, the ASSE has to learn to use these new technology tools to communicate our mission and advance our goals.

Through my career I have enjoyed working with people to keep them safe.  As Area Director for Region VI, I would use my enthusiasm to communicate and reach out to fellow safety professionals both within and outside our organization.  We must reach out to the next generation of EHS professionals and soon to be EHS graduates. These individuals will be asked to backfill and serve the safety needs of our communities as ASSE baby boomers begin to retire.

I would like to help the Region VI chapters find and share best operating practices and become a conduit for two way communications and support for them. It is my goal to partner with the Region VI chapters in North and South Carolina so that we can continue to strengthen ASSEs position and maintain the future of our profession.