Aaron CameronRegion VIII Area Director - Keystone Candidate

Aaron Cameron


Aaron Cameron is an independent EHS consultant living in Butler, PA, 40 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA.  His primary responsibilities include providing strategic planning and operational leadership, program  assessment / development / delivery, process improvement through sustainable and cost-effective solutions, incident prevention and injury management, mentoring / coaching, safety system development, and employee training as an authorized trainer for OSHA 500/501, American Red Cross instructor and a Competent Person in scaffolding and fall protection.  His experience includes more than 15 years of EHS, risk management, security and engineering experience in a variety of industrial and construction settings and international experience encompassing North/South America, Europe and Africa.  Aaron holds a B.S. in Allied Health from Slippery Rock University.

Aaron joined ASSE in 2007 and is a professional member of the Western Pennsylvania Chapter.  ASSE service includes Western PA chapter offices, culminating as chapter president (2 terms, 2010-2012); vp/president elect in 2009; and professional development conference chair (2009-present).  Aaron also served on the Nominations and Elections Committee for Region VIII in 2012.


I’m excited about the opportunity to run for the Area Director – Keystone position.  It’s a chance to add some real value to our membership in the Keystone Area, to network with some of the best in the business, and to support and lead our volunteer chapter teams.  I haven’t been an ASSE member very long, but my time has been spent serving the Western PA chapter in a variety of different capacities. 

Most recently, in my first term as chapter president, I set challenging but achievable goals for our chapter through a clearly communicated strategic plan.  With great respect for our past history and with an eye on a bright future, we carried out our plan to build a stronger foundation.  This foundation consisted of simple things that each member wanted to see in their chapter and their chapter’s leadership.  They included a better use of available technologies (new website, chapter email address, online event prepay services, webinars); enhanced communication about the current happenings; a 3-6 month view of our upcoming events; more value-added and timely event selection; and engaging and supporting our student members. 

We were successful and saw the fruits of our labor in my second term, recapturing Chapter Star status in 2010-11.  But I did so only through the help of our executive board.  It was the collective wisdom of our team that provided this service to our chapter.  With the 2012-13 chapter officers installed, we are well on our way to continuing to build on our recent success. 

This is what I bring to the Keystone Area – a commitment to simplify and deliver value-added solutions to our chapters and their leadership, regardless of chapter size.