Call for Virtual Presenters

At the virtual classroom at ASSE we’re always looking for fresh, timely topics that can be delivered in ASSE’s interactive webinar format.

If you have some experiences to share, and want to do it in an online environment, we would be happy to receive a submission from you!

Topic Tracks:
We are primarily looking for submissions in two general tracks – a technical track and a safety management track.

The Technical track relates to any technical oriented SH&E topic. Examples of this are wide-ranging. Anything from fire safety or electrical safety to fall protection or working in confined spaces may be considered part of this track. In general, Technical Safety topics are usually related to engineering or science principles used by SH&E professionals.

The Safety Management track relates to topics having to do with managing the business of SH&E. Topics in this track may be anything from discussing how to promote a safety culture to sharing how to better conduct safety training.

logoSubmission Guidelines:
Topics taught in the virtual classroom are presented in a 90-minute webinar format. While the virtual classroom is designed to be easy to present in, a certain comfort with technology is always helpful. As far as topics we are on the lookout for, ASSE seeks immediately relevant topics that are on the minds of today’s safety professional. Below are some of the general guidelines you should keep in mind when submitting a proposal.

  • Your proposal should be timely.
  • Your proposal should avoid blatant sales pitches or marketing of your business.
  • Your proposal should state how you plan to engage your audience. As a webinar, it is important to keep your audience interested.
  • Your proposal should be unique or take a new “twist” on an established safety principle.
  • Your proposal adds to a safety professional’s body of knowledge.
  • Your proposal offers us practical, proven solutions.

Other Content Considerations

  • Case studies are of special interest.
  • Sessions that address intermediate and advanced audience experience levels are of special interest.

How To Submit a Proposal:
To submit a speaker proposal use the online form below. Only proposals submitted through the online form will be considered.

All proposals must contain the following pieces of information:

  • Speaker Bio (highlight other online teaching experiences if applicable)
  • Speaker Contact Information
  • Paragraph description of your proposed session
  • Why you believe this session will be of interest to the SH&E professional
  • The audience experience level this session is geared towards (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Description of how you might plan to engage the online audience
  • At least four points the participants will learn by attending this session

Technical Requirements to Participate as a Speaker in the Virtual Classroom:

  • Presenters must provide their own computer.
  • Presenters must provide their own connection to the Internet via DSL, Cable modem, T1, or other high-speed connection.
  • Presenters must have a stable, wired connection.

Presenter Eligibility:

  • ASSE members and non-members are welcome to submit proposals.
  • Vendors of safety products and services will be considered, however, NO marketing or self-promotion is allowed. Sessions must be educational and informational in content.
  • Although it is very helpful, presenters are not required to have experience presenting in an online environment.

If selected, presenters will be required to:

  • Work with ASSE staff to ensure that they are comfortable with the online environment and structure.
    • Practice sessions will be 15-60 minutes depending upon their familiarity with the technology, their technical setup, complexity of their presentation (application share, number of polls, media usage, etc.)
  • Conduct their 90-minute session on their assigned day (75 minutes of presentation, 15 minutes for Q&A).
  • Allow ASSE to record their session for later viewing.
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About Your Proposed Session
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Why do you believe this session will be of interest to the SH&E professional?
What track will this session fall under?
What audience experience level is this session geared towards?
Describe how you might plan to engage the online audience.
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