Registration Fees

After February 1, if you would like to register for SeminarFest, please call ASSE Customer Service at 847-699-2929. Registration by phone will remain open through Friday, February 8. However, beginning, Feb 1 at 3:00pm Central time, online registration for SeminarFest will be closed.

  Early Rate
(Postmarked by January. 6, 2013)
Regular Rate
(Postmarked January 7-20, 2013)
Late Rate
(Postmarked January 21, 2013 - On-site)
  Member AIHA or AHMP Member Non-Member Member AIHA or AHMP Member Non-Member Member AIHA or AHMP Member Non-Member
Math Review (#1) $215 $240 $265 $265 $290 $315 $285 $310 $335
All Other 1-Day Seminars $295 $320 $345 $345 $370 $395 $365 $390 $410
Executive Program 2-day Seminars (#11 or #12) $615 $640 $665 $665 $690 $715 $690 $715 $740
All Other 2-Day Seminars $545 $570 $595 $595 $620 $645 $620 $645 $670
Executive Program 3-day (#13) $715 $740 $765 $765 $790 $815 $795 $820 $845
All 3-Day Seminars $625 $650 $675 $675 $700 $725 $700 $725 $750
Corporate Prime Time

This is a special program for companies wishing to have a tailored private education program for their employees. Companies who bring 10 or more employees to SeminarFest will receive discounted registration fees when they also contract for a private seminar under the Corporate PrimeTime program.

Registration Fee Discount

If you register for three-days of education in any combination of one- or two-day seminars or a three-day seminar, you will receive a discount of $25 off of all other seminars.

Successful Completion

To receive CEUs, attendees need to be present for the education hours of the seminar(s) selected and participate in all-learning activities provided by the instructor(s). CEUs for successfully completed seminars will be applied to attendees transcripts. Please allow three weeks for processing.

Methods for Assessing Learning Outcomes

You will be asked to demonstrate that learning outcomes have been achieved in your seminar by providing us with feedback through evaluations, tests or quizzes, participation in a Question and Answer session at the end of your education program, or through reporting the results of a group project.

ABIH CM Points for CIHS

The seminars offered at SeminarFest may be eligible for ABIH CM credit. See the ABIH web site for CM credit criteria.


Please visit IHMM’s website at for recertification CMP information.

Daily Schedule

Seminars are scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with lunches scheduled from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Cancellation Policy

ASSE reserves the right to cancel any seminar two weeks prior to presentation. If you cancel your registration after January 27, 2013 your registration fee will be refunded less a $100 administrative fee. If you do not cancel and do not attend the seminar, your registration fee will not be refunded. If you send a substitute, a $25 substitution fee will be charged. Please submit changes in writing to customer service at

Program Substitutions

ASSE reserves the right to make substitutions to the program should unforeseen circumstances occur. ASSE also reserves the right to cancel the program up to two weeks prior to delivery date.

Physically Challenged

Whenever possible, arrangements will be made for physically challenged registrants provided ASSE receives 45 days advance notice. Please write a letter of explanation, your name and phone number, and attach to the registration form. ASSE will contact you.

Hotel Accommodations

Visit for more information on rates and availability.

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