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1 Math Review for Certification Exams 2 ASP Examination Preparation Workshop 3 CSP Examination Preparation Workshop
4 CHST Examination Preparation Workshop
5 OHST Examination Preparation Workshop
6 Safety Management I 7 Safety Management II 8 Ethics for Safety Professionals 9 Providing Expert Witness Testimony
10 Corporate Safety Management 11 Delivering a High-Performance Safety Management System 12 Reducing Losses from Occupational Health Risks and Environmental Exposures
13 Managing the Business Aspect of Safety 14 Industrial Hygiene for the Safety Professional 15 The Business Tool Box for Safety 16 Balanced Scorecard Approach to Determine Safety Program Effectiveness
17 Risk Management Primer for the Safety Professional 18 Workers' Compensation for the Safety Professional 19 Statistical Analysis of Safety Data 20 People-Based Safety: The Human Dynamics of Achieving an Injury-Free Workplace   22 Fall Protection in Construction 23 Critical Issues in Construction Safety
21 Predicting Errors Using Human Performance Measurement Tools
24 Principles of Leadership 25 Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis 26 Implementing an Effective Fleet Management Safety Program 27 Leading Measures of Safety Performance: A Measurement and Metrics Workshop
28 Planning, Developing, Managing and Tracking the Organizational Performance of EHS Initiatives and Programs: A Mini Safety MBA 29 Systematic Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention: Strategies that Work! 30 Techniques for Building a World-Class Safety System 31 Coaching to Improve Safety and Health Performance 32 Becoming an Effective Independent Consultant 33 Entrepreneurship for Safety Professionals
34 Basic Electrical Safety with Application of NFPA 70E 35 Conducting a Life Safety Inspection of Your Organization 36 Advanced Fire Prevention 37 Sustainability: This Emerging Force in Business has an Impact on the Safety Profession 38 Facilitating Decision-Making in Your Organization 39 Influencing Your Organization on the Value of Safety
40 Techniques for Hazard Recognition 41 Combustible Dust: Recognition, Evaluation, and Control 42 Motivating and Developing Ergonomic Skills and Actions in Your Organization 43 Strategic Leadership Skills for Safety
44 Confined Space, Evaluation, Entry and Rescue 45 Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) A to Z 46 Global Environmental Health and Safety Management 47 Using Near-Miss Data for Successful Loss Control 48 Training Supervisors to Become Safety Coaches  
49 Integrating Safety Into Your Organization's Strategic Plan 50 Prevention Through Design (PtD) at Every Phase of the Project 51 Occupational Risk Assessment Strategies 52 Creating a Positive, Proactive and Participative Safety Culture 53 Environmental Law and Regulations for Safety Professionals  
54 Auditing Safety and Health Management Systems 55 Techniques for Overcoming Organizational Barriers to Achieve Safety Success 56 Fatality Prevention: Issues and Possible Solutions 57 Cost Analysis for Safety and Health Professionals  
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