Symposium Sessions

This ASSE Virtual Law Symposium is comprised of eight 90- minute webcast sessions. You can catch any of the recordings at your own pace.

Opening Keynote Session - Law for the Safety Professional

The law as it relates to the safety professional will be the focus of this session. This overview of the law will discuss fundamental distinctions between the various sources of law affecting the safety professional including constitutions, statutes,regulations, and common law, and how these sources function independently and in concert with one another. This will serve as a foundation that you will use throughout the symposium as you are presented with law topics important to your role as a safety professional. This presentation will also provide information to fill in common gaps and missing connections safety professionals sometimes have when understanding how their role fits in the larger, legal framework.

Kristin White, Esq.
Jackson Kelly PLLC
Denver, CO

Symposium Sessions

Helping Your Organization Comply with OSHA Law and Documentation Requirements

  • This session will examine OSHA law and legally sound strategies for maintaining documentation required for compliance with OSHA. The session will also include a discussion of the important legal considerations surrounding the internal safety documentation an organization may generate but is not necessarily required by OSHA but could be called into question by OSHA other regulatory agencies. Emphasis will be on the safety professional's opportunity to maximize legal protections and privileges while avoiding OSHA penalties.
  • Presenter: Adele Abrams, Esq. Law Office of Adele L. Abrams, PC Beltsvville, MD

Contract Law: Strategies and Opportunities

  • Knowledge of contract law can pave the way for more advantageous bargaining and positioning of your organization as you handle various transactions. This session will contain information to assist you in handling insurance and vendor contracts as well as negotiations with subcontractors. You will learn the basics of contract law, insurance law as it relates to claims, and the features of some unique types of contracts safety professionals may encounter.
  • Presenter: Alan Blotch, JD Edmonds, WA

Employment Law That Affects Your Role in Safety

  • Important areas of employment law overlap with your responsibilities as a safety professional. Issues such as ADA compliance; leaves of absence covered by FMLA, workers compensation, etc.; HIPAA liabilities; whistle-blower claims; retaliation claims; employment liabilities arising through contractor relationships; and potential liability from actions related to facility security will be covered. You will learn how to effectively identify potential legal pitfalls surrounding these issues, and what fundamental precautions should be observed to protect individuals and the organization.
  • Presenter: Todd Logsdon, JD Fisher & Phillips, LLP Louisville, KY

Legal Aspects of Loss Prevention and Accident Investigation

  • In this session, you will fine tune investigation strategies and skills by gaining a basic understanding of the legal principles behind the commonly known best practices for accident investigation and loss prevention. In discussing these legal principles, emphasis will be placed upon preventing and mitigating liability and loss for your organization, both proactively and post-accident. Information on how the products of an investigation may be used in subsequent adjudication and what their practical value is in various settings will also be provided. Basic procedural and evidentiary law principles will be the backdrop for this session.
  • Presenter: Barry Spurlock, CSP Spurlock and Higgins, LLC Louisville, KY

Legal Impact of Crisis Management

  • This session will address the legal impact of crisis management. Specifically, you will learn actions that should or should not be taken before, during and after a crisis.
  • Presenters: Robert A. Dimling, JD, Frost Brown Todd, LLC, Cincinnati, OH
    Andrew R. Kaake, JD, Frost Brown Todd, LLC, Cincinnati, OH

Delivering Expert Witness Testimony

  • In this session, you will learn the legal aspects of preparing and presenting expert witness testimony and the basic legal elements of serving as an expert witness. Delivered primarily by Mr. Darius, a safety professional who has an extensive background as an expert witness, you will hear the routine, but important, aspects of working with attorneys, differences between safety and legal arenas, and key tips when working as an expert witness. You will also learn the practical matters for safety professionals working in the legal arena.
  • Presenters:

    Chip Darius, OHST, ASHM, EMT
    Safety Priority Consultants, LLC
    Cromwell, CT

    Neil Feldscher, CIH, CSP, Esq.
    Chief, EHS Compliance
    New York City Department of Environmental Protection
    Corona, NY

Legal Liabilities of a Safety Professional

  • A practicing safety professional can face various liability exposures and litigation of disputes has become commonplace. Concluding this symposium, you will learn through real-life examples to discuss common civil and criminal liabilities for which a safety professional may find themselves exposed in the normal course of their practice. Additionally, "ethics" or potential liabilities in relation to a safety professional's certification(s) will be presented as well as methods to protect against potential liabilities.
  • Presenter: Neil Feldscher, CSP, CIH, Esq. NYC Environmental Protection Bureau of Engineering Design & Construction Corona, NY