Symposium Schedule

  Tuesday, July 26 Wednesday, July 27
11:00am Central 101 - Using the Human Factors Analysis Classification System (HFACS) for Improved Incident Analysis

Jay R. Harf, CSP, CPEA
Director of Safety Health & Environment (SH&E)
L'Oreal USA Inc.
Clark, NJ

General Session Presentation
"Preventing Human Error: What's Stopping Us?"

Todd Conklin, Ph.D.

1:00pm Central

102 - The Error Tolerant Workplace: Building a Workplace Where Errors Do Not Escalate to Accidents

E. Andrew Kapp, Ph.D., CSP, CHMM, REM
Associate Professor of Occupational and Environmental Safety & Health
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Whitewater, WI



3:00pm Central

103 - A System for Reducing Human Error

Donald K. Lorenzo, P.E.
Senior Technical Director, ABS Consulting, Risk Consulting Division
Knoxville, TN

104 - 5 Types of Human Error

Bill Taylor
Principal Safety Scientist
The EI Group, Inc.
Environmental, Health and Safety Solutions

* Run concurrently with Session 103. You may watch the recording of the session you are not able to attend.

5:00pm Central

105 - The Seven Deadly Delusions of Accident-Prone Companies

Corrie Pitzer
President - SAFEmap International



Human Physical and Cognitive Limitations Related to Technology: A Double-Edged Sword

Dr. Michael J. Kalsher
Department of Cognitive Science
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 Eighth Street
Troy, New York 12180-3590

Fighting Complacency: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Dianne Stober, Ph.D.
Managing Partner, C Cubed