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Keynote Presentation

Thursday, November 17

Developing Leading Indicators: It Can Be Done!
All organizations want to demonstrate to various stakeholders that proactive safety management efforts have positive results. Using metrics resulting from leading indicators will point you in the direction of this success. However, safety professionals have traditionally relied upon lagging indicators produced after the fact to measure the success of their safety programs. The perception of the coveted leading indicators for forecasting or predicting the success of investments in safety seems as easy as winning the lottery. It's a struggle! Miles Ewing, Principal of Deloitte Consulting has an approach that will stand up to the challenge.

Utilizing the science and art of developing leading indicators, Mr. Ewing has applied both to develop an approach to help identify high-quality predictive information. He will take you through this process resulting in a framework for you to use in, first, developing generic leading indicators to learn the process. Then he will then guide you through tailoring these leading indicators for safety to produce the metrics that can give you a more accurate forecast for your programs.

Approach to Identifying Leading Indicators - pdf

Miles Ewing
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Seattle, WA
Professional Safety Journal Asks Miles Ewing

General Session Presentation

Friday, November 18

Performance Measurement: Taking Control of What Lies Ahead
With the abundance of metrics from high-quality leading indicators you will learn at this symposium, you will develop the ability to create meaningful insight into what was previously the unexpected. This knowledge can help you develop programs that can reduce the probabilities of potential safety incidents, anticipate more reliable outcomes, demonstrate the value of your safety system initiatives, and execute a performance measurement tracking system that can take your safety efforts to the next level.

Dr. Harold S. Resnick, recognized authority and innovator in organizational transformation will present a process for using the safety knowledge you capture through performance measurement tools to make that data work to improve safety in your organization.

Performance Measurement - Taking Control of What Lies Ahead - PowerPoint presentation

Harold S. Resnick, Ed. D.
Work Systems Associates
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Time Thursday, November 17 Friday, November 18

Opening Remarks



Keynote Presentation

Developing Leading Indicators:  It Can Be Done!

General Session Presentation

Performance Measurement:  Taking Control of What Lies Ahead






Round I Concurrent Sessions

Developing Leading Indicators

1. Analytics: A New Approach to Performance Measurement
2. Using Safety Audits as a Leading Indicator
3. Developing Leading Indicators at Suncor Energy
4. Leading Indicators: The Golden Eggs

Round III Concurrent Sessions

Using Metrics to Improve Safety Performance
9. Using Safety Leading Indicators to Predict Safety Lagging Indicator Performance
10. The Balanced Scorecard:  A Powerful Tool for Risk Management
11. Making Metrics Work
12. The Business Case for Safety

10:55 -11:55AM

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Round IV Sessions (Repeat Round III)

12:00 -1:00PM




Work Group Activity

Developing Safety-Specific Leading Indicators



Work Group Activity

Taking the Lead in Developing Industry-Specific Leading Indicators


Concurrent Sessions Round II

What/How to Measure

5. Are You Tracking the Right Indicators?
6. A Special Metric to Manage Serious Injuries and Fatalities
7. Don’t Leave Management Guessing About Safety Training Results
8. The Chemtura Dashboard







Concurrent Sessions Round IV

Using Metrics to Improve Safety Performance

13. Getting the Right Things Done
14. Using Readily-Customizable Software
for Managing Performance Data
15. Putting Performance Measurement Tools
to Work at Maple Leaf Foods





Concurrent Sessions

Repeat Round II Sessions