The Business Case for Safety
Garrett Burke CSP
EH&S Associate Director, Instructor Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

As Associate Director of Occupational Safety and Construction Services at Harvard University, Mr. Burke’s progressive approach to construction and occupational safety has resulted in major improvements and advancements in these disciplines. His constant focus on safety integration into routine business decisions has helped shape the way people think about safety at the University.

He founded the University’s Environmental Health and Safety Construction Services Group (CSG) in January 2007. The group is responsible for ensuring that safety and environmental management that is integral to the University’s capital construction process. The group’s rapid growth is a direct result of the impressive return on investment experience on projects that utilize CSG services. Examples of this return on investment are reductions in project delays, missed permit deadlines, regulatory agency inspections, and incident rates.

Prior to working at Harvard, Mr. Burke has worked at Boston’s Central Artery /Tunnel (CA/T) Project as a construction safety officer. He began working on the project during the initial phase of building demolition and continued through the mass excavation of the main line tunnel. Mr. Burke was a vital part of the CA/T team that developed and refined the contract specifications that required contractors to perform work to measurable safety guidelines. Garrett is a Certified Safety Professional and member of the American Society of Safety Engineers.