Keynote Presentation

Keeping Safety Relevant in a Socially Connected World

Organizations are just beginning to break ground in the use of social networking and the many opportunities this technology holds for greater productivity, skill-building and communication.  In fact, if effectively understood and embraced, social networking allows unprecedented avenues for connection with workforce, creation of peer-based education, development of prescribed skill sets and insight into the culture of the organization. The entrepreneur must recognize the increasing power of social networking for many applications and this is especially relevant to occupational safety and health management. 

Barry Libert will present you with a broad overview of the many exciting opportunities and benefits of social networking.  You will learn that with a little creativity, you could be looking at a whole new approach to safety management with the proactive edge you have been seeking.

Following this keynote presentation, Mr. Libert and his associate will deliver one of the workshop sessions where you will learn social networking tactics that you can apply today.

Barry Libert
Chairman & CEO
Burlington, MA

Barry Libert, Chairman and CEO of Mzinga, a provider of social software solutions for HR/learning, customer support and marketing, has been instrumental in advancing the awareness and use of Web 2.0 and social technologies within the business world.   

He has published four books on the value of social networks and human interaction and is a regularly featured keynote speaker to audiences globally.  He has been published in Newsweek, Smart Money, Barron's, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and has appeared on CNN, CNBC, FNN and NPR.  In addition to forging Mzinga’s vision and strategy, Mr. Libert currently serves on the Board of Directors at Innocentive and at the SEI Center for Advance Studies in Management at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Special Presentation

Overcoming the Organizational Barriers to Safety and Health Excellence

We all spend most of our time focusing on typical workplace hazards and reducing losses.  What about the numerous tangible and intangible organizational barriers that can also have a significant impact on safety and health performance?  These are the battles that we may not always pick to fight as, in some instances, they really cannot be eliminated.  However, they can be managed so that we can overcome these challenges to attaining safety and health performance excellence.

Mr. Gualardo, a leading authority in safety management and career corporate safety director, will discuss methods for you to overcome these organizational barriers.

Samuel J. Gualardo, MA,CSP
National Safety Consultants, Inc.
Salix, PA

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