Safety 2010 Sessions

Wednesday 9:15am - 10:30am

701Construction Safety Forum
702Photography For Safety Professionals
703Designing and Permitting SH&E into an Alternative Energy Facility
704Ergonomics Processes that Get Results: Benchmarking from the Industry Leaders
705Hit the Ground Running: The EH&S Officer's Role in Emergency Work
706Fire Protection in Manufacturing; Why is it So Difficult?
707Stop Chasing Ghosts... Start Preventing Injuries
708Impact of U.S. Export Regulations on the Timely Response to an Influenza Pandemic
709Industrial Hygiene Evaluation and Sampling for the Safety Professional
710Tools for Understanding and Working with State Plans
711Technology and Risk Management Create Strong Engineering Solutions
712The Significance and Impact of New International Risk Standards
713Disney's Safety by Design
714Balanced Safety Performance Measurement Systems: First Steps or Fine Tuning
715How Can Academia and the Safety Industry Support Each Other?
7167 Keys to Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls
717Lessons Learned from 40 Process Safety Management Audits
718Leveraging Your Training Programs to Improve Fleet Safety Results
719Key Issue Roundtable #8: Managing the Risk of Your Consulting Practice
720Fundamentals of SH&E: Risk Management 101F
721Expo Ed: Using High Impact 3D Technology to Create Safety Awareness

Wednesday 11:00am - 12:00pm

725Business Lessons for the SH&E Manager
726ANSI / ASSE A10.21-200X: Safe Construction and Demolition of Wind Generation/Turbine Facilities
727The Keys to Developing a Successful Constituents Management System
728Ergonomics Programs: Moving Forward
729Safety, Health and Hygiene: Cost-effective, INTEGRATED, Program Strategies
730Becoming an Effective Occupational Safety and Health Professional in the 21st Century
731Older Workers: Asset or Liability for Your Company? The Case Study of Metal and Non-metal Mines
732Risk Assessment: Where to Begin
733What Has Your Insurance Carrier/Broker Risk Control Consultant Done For You Lately
734Product Risk Management (PRM) for Safety Professionals
735Prevention and Management of Occupational Injuries in Manufacturing
736The Buried Truth Uncovered
737Overcoming the Organizational Barriers to Safety Excellence
738Operational Discipline: Does your Organization Do the Job Right Every Time?
739Safety Training Games and Activities for Everyone
740Achieving a Safe Driving Culture where Every Driver is a Safe Driver
741Introduction to Basic Scaffold Safety
742ASSE Government Affairs Committee Update
743Key Issue Roundtable #9: Combustible Dust Issues
744Spanish 4: Entrenamiento en Liderazgo basado en un Enfoque Cultural para Supervisores de Construcción que trabajan con trabajadores Hispanos (Proyecto en desarrollo) (Leadership Training for Construction Supervisors Working with Hispanic Workers Based on a Cultural Approach (On going Project)
745Expo Ed: Human Error Elimination: Keeping Your Head in the Game

Wednesday 1:45pm - 3:00pm

750The Implementation of Business Decision Making Tools in Incident Rate Prediction
751Roadway Safety + and Summary of ANSI A10.47 Work Zone Safety
752It's Really Not About SAFETY! How to Make a Positive Difference as an EH&S Professional
753Environmental Concerns in Buildings, What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
754Working Safely Goes Against Human Nature
755Understanding Industrial Hygiene Data
756Lessons from Down-Under: Comparison of Australian and U.S. Laws
757Free Training Resources Available in Spanish for Safety Professionals
758OSHA's Refinery NEP: Where Do We Stand?
759Using A Risk Management Platform to Manage Corporate Safety Programs
760Identifying Cultural Hazards: Four Clues that You May Be Out of Balance
761Rules of Thumb and Safety Truisms: True, False, or Not Even Close?
762Leading Away from Hazard Acceptance
763Z-10 Management Leadership and Employee Participation
764Electrical Safety Risk Management
765Transportation Ergonomics: Factors Leading to Discomfort and Injury
766Key Issue Roundtable #10: Safety Requirements for Packaging Machinery (ANSI/PMMI B155.1-2006)
767Key Issue Roundtable #11: Loss Control - Managing Risks without an Onsite Safety Manager
768Fundamentals of SH&E: Basic Safety Management 101G
769Expo Ed: Development of Combined Performance Fabrics
8011/2 Day Math Review (2:00 - 6:00pm)

Wednesday 3:15pm - 4:15pm

775Using Podcasts to Improve Safety: A Versatile New Communication Media
776Workplace Violence in Construction: Field Issues and Best Management Practices
777A Sustainable Approach: Ergonomic Success Story For Meat Processing
778Protecting Your People and Posterior: 17 Mistakes in Creating Your ERP
779Hearing Conservation Program Effectiveness: Metrics and Measures
780Achieving Health, Safety and Environment Targets under a Diverse Workforce
781VPP: Leaders in Safety & Health Excellence
782A Balanced Scorecard for Safety
783Preventing Major Losses
784Reinventing the Organization to Effectively Manage Safety Performance
785Safety from an Executive’s Point of View: Turning Complaints into Efficiencies
786Achieving a Zero Incident Safety Culture: Fact or Fiction?
787Safety Step-Change: Moving Leadership Engagement from Good to Great
788Training Employees To Protect Themselves From Dog Attacks!
789What You Don't Know Can Kill You
790Ethical Issues Concerning Confined Spaces
791Key Issue Roundtable #12: Developing SH&E Audit Protocols for International Locations