Safety 2010 Sessions

Tuesday 10:45am - 12:00pm

601Successfully Aligning and Integrating Safety (SH&E) within the Business
602Big Projects Big Challenges: Constructing the New Meadowlands Stadium
603ALL ABOARD - Safety Professionals Unite!
604Case Studies of High Impact Ergonomic Improvements
605ABC's Establishing and Evaluating a Great Confined Space Rescue Team
607Reducing the Systemic Risks of Human Error
608Using Database Software to Manage IH Exposure Assessment Data
609Challenges of Implementing U.S. Style Construction Safety and Health Programs in Africa, Asia, and Mexico
610Avoiding Whistleblower Claims Under the OSH Act and Mine Act
611GHS in the USA: Past, Present and Future
612Your Fleet, Risk, Controls, and Insurance; It's All Connected
613The Rise of Serious Incidents and the Proportion of Aging Workers in the Workplace
614Fighting Workers' Comp Abuse: Spotting "Red Flags" and Taking Appropriate Action
615Silent Danger: Five Crucial Conversations of a Safety Culture
616Making a Difference: A Case Study on Developing Effective Training
617Role of Consensus Standards in the Practice of SH&E
618Making the Most of Your Fall Protection Investment
619Key Issue Roundtable #4: Applying Safety Standards to Environmental Projects - Example: LEED Certification
620Fundamentals of SH&E: Workplace Health 101C
621Expo Ed: Permit-Required Confined Space Entry from an Expert Witness's Perspective

Tuesday 1:00pm - 2:00pm

625No More Smoke and Mirrors: Calculating your Real ROI
626IAQ Issues During Construction and Renovation Projects
627Business Transaction Due Diligence for Safety Professionals
628Managing Diversity for HS&E Excellence
629Green Beans & Ice Cream: The Definitive Art of Behavior Change
630A Model Safe Patient Handling Program: Details and Results
631Controlling Impacts of H1N1/PAN Flu on Respiratory Protection Program
632A Management System Approach to Regulatory Compliance in the Mining Industry
633OSHA Update Construction
634School Safety
635Not All Risks Are Alike
636Techniques for Hazard Recognition for the Field Employee
637Achieving Operational Excellence Through Safety
638Management Support: What Do We Really Want?
639Achieving 100% Employee Engagement: How to Transform a Culture Through Human Development
640Safety Training That ROCKS!!!
641Your Workers Use Fall Protection, But Are They Really Safe From Harm?
642Factors Impacting Certification of Workplace Equipment by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs)
643Hazard Recognition: How to Reduce Auto Crashes
644Key Issue Roundtable #5: PELs vs. TLVs
645Fundamentals of SH&E: Environment 101D
646Spanish 2: Praticas Seguras para Trabajar Alredor de Energia Electrica y los nuevos normas de NFPA 2009 (Electrical Safe Work Practices & NFPA 70E 2009 Updates)
647How to Protect Your Workforce from Electrical Hazards

Tuesday 3:00pm - 4:15pm

650Effectively Communicating with the Hispanic Workforce
651Corporate Social Responsibility: The Emerging Role of the SH&E Professional
652AERAT: Agricultural Ergonomics Risk Assessment Tool
653Biotechnology: A New Tool in Safety and Security
654How to Use the Life Safety Code®
655Utilizing Worker Expertise and Maximizing the Brain Reward Centers
656Healthier Workplaces for Healthier Workforces: The Benefits of Implementing Employee Health and Wellness Programs
657Laboratory Safety
658International Forum
659When OSHA Comes Calling: Legal Limits on OSHA Inspections
661Best Practices in Injury Prevention and Return-to-Work: An Integrated Approach
662Turning Supervisors Into Safety Allies
663Hazard Recognition and Identification
664The Seventh Value
665Advanced Leadership Skills for Standout Safety Culture and Performance
666Safety Training and Communication Using Web 2.0
667How to Apply the Latest Developments in Fall Protection to Your Site
668Value of the Profession: Defining the Future Practice of Safety
669Key Issue Roundtable #6: OSHA Multi-Employer Policy as it Relates to Record Keeping
670Expo Ed: HazCom Compliance: Best Practices

Tuesday 4:30pm - 5:30pm

675Construction: Greenfield to Semiconductor Clean Manufacturing
676Expert Witness 201
677Nanomaterials: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
678Beyond Compliance: The Human Factor
679You Can Take Steps to Prepare and Protect Your Organization from Epidemics
680Corporate Social Responsibility: An International Perspective
681GAO Review of Efforts to Ensure Accuracy of Injury and Illness Data
682Ergonomic Successes Through OSHA's Cooperative Programs
683The Impact of Obesity in Workers’ Compensation
684An Overview of the Federal Permit-Required Confined Space Standard
685You've Just Promoted Your Best Welder to Foreman, Now What?
686Electrical Safety Management
687The Zero-Harm Organization: Shifting Focus from Injuries to Exposures
688Effective Safety Training: Tips for Engaging the Adult Learner
689Electrostatic Hazards Associated with Liquid and Powder Handling
690Managed Fall Protection Programs: A Case Study
691CSA 2010 Comprehensive Safety Analysis: Overview of FMCSA’s New Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance Model
692Key Issue Roundtable #7: Best Practices for One-Deep SH&E Positions/Functions
693Fundamentals of SH&E: Fire Protection 101E
694Spanish 3: Integración del Entrenamiento Multilingüe para la Industria de la Construcción en la ciudad de Nueva York (Integration of Multilingual Training for the Construction Industry in New York City)
695Expo Ed: Managing Your Risk Has Its Rewards