Safety 2010 Sessions

Monday 10:45am - 11:45am

501Injecting a Systematic Approach into Your EHS Planning Process
502A10.12 Trenching and Shoring
503Productivity & Injury Risk Improvements at a Mail & Distribution Center
504Chalmette, LA: First Katrina, Then the Oil…
505The Seven Delusions in Disaster-Prone Organizations
506Breathe Easy: Respiratory Protection Requirements Simplified
507Wellness, an Essential Component of HS&E Excellence
508Working Overseas: An International Approach
509Energy Isolation: Building your own Equipment Specific Procedures
510OSHA Challenge Update
511Sustainability, the Engine that Drives Corporate Social Responsibility
512Managing Your Workers' Compensation Program During Downsizing
513Assessing and Mitigating Risks to Deliver Sustainable Safety Performance
514A New Paradigm for Fatality Prevention: Rethinking Traditional Approaches to High-Severity and Fatal Event
515Safety in the Bizarro World
516Train Me, Please: Using Innovation to Help Employees Remember Training
517In House Emergency Response: Post-Fall Rescue and Retrieval
518Architecture Based Safety Instrumented Systems: A New Approach
519Managing Unsafe Drivers and Their Unsafe Habits
520Key Issue Roundtable #1: Flame Resistant Clothing (FRC) vs. the OSHA PPE Standard
521Fundamentals of SH&E: Overview of Regulatory Compliance 101A
522Expo Education: Combustible Dust Hazard: Protecting Workers from Combustible Dust with FR Clothing

Monday 3:15pm - 4:15pm

525Practical Dashboard Solutions for Dummies
526OSHA Standard for Confined Space Entry in Construction
527The Secret Weapon: Your Edge for Success
528Nanotechnolog-E: Explosivity and Environmental Risks
529Optimizing and Designing for an Aging Population in the Workplace
531What Does the Fire Department Need to Know About You and Why? Becoming Part of the Solution Instead of Being Part of the Problem
532When No One’s Watching: The Psychology of Self-Motivation
533Maintaining Employee Productivity: Why An EMC Works!
5342010 Global Safety and Health Briefing
535OSHA Current Activities Update
536Risk Management of Occupational Disabling Injuries: Beyond Ergonomics
537The Twenty Foot Rule and Safety Leadership
538Implementation of a RCA Process for Front Line Supervisors
539Employee Safety Perception Surveys: Key Steps in the Development and Analysis of Results
540A Real World Journey: From High-Profile Media and OSHA Adversity to VPP Success
541Anything But Lecture! How to Use Other Training Approaches and Methods
542Wholesale/Retail Trade Safety Issues
543The ANSI/ASSE Z359 Fall Protection Code Grows; How Will New Standards Impact You?
544Business Continuity: Minimizing the Risks from a Pandemic
545Key Issue Roundtable #2: Electronic On Board Recorders
546Spanish 1: Habilidades Necesarias de Salud y Seguridad para el Supervisor de Hoy! (Must Have Safety Skills for Today's Supervisor)

Monday 4:30pm - 5:30pm

550Leadership for Safety
551Back to the Basics CRANES
552Would You Watch Out For My Safety?
553New Lead Paint Regulations: OSHA & EPA Updates
554Ergonomics Solutions for Women in the Workforce
555Savannah Sugar… Case Studies of Recent Dust Explosions
556Comparison of Noise Standards in Today’s Workplace
557How Are ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001 Standards Impacting International SH&E Management from the United States Perspective
558Shelter In Place
559School District Injuries, Injury rates and Loss Source Controls
560The Probability Is High That You Can Improve Your Risk Assessment Performance
561Safety Programs & Return-to-Work Programs: A Value Added Approach
562Comprehensive Contractor Safety, Inside the Fence or Running Loose
563Safety is Free - Because Culture is the Key
565Effective Training For Adult Learners
566Biomechanical Perspectives on Human Walking and Slip, Trip and Fall Events
567Understanding High-Pressure Injection Injuries
568ANSI/ASSE Z15.1: The Practical Implications of This Standard
569Meet the Inspectors
570Key Issue Roundtable #3: Prevention Through Design
571Fundamentals of SH&E: Hazard Identification and Control 101B
572Expo Ed: Closing the Loop: A Concept Needed for Continuous Process Improvement