813 Developing a High-Level Ergonomics Culture

Ergonomics incorporates best equipment and behavior for accomplishing tasks as safely as possible. Cumulative trauma injuries - such as soft-tissue and others - are prevalent and often the result of a mounting series of ongoing perceptions, decisions, actions and omissions, at work and at home; these both reflect and contribute to a company's ergonomic culture. At the highest ergonomic level, executives and managers have realistic expectations of return on investment, strategically allocate resources and lead/participate appropriately. And workers think more cumulatively, recognize forces building at just-beginning stages and make needed modifications. In this seminar, you will learn the kinds and levels of ergonomic cultures so you will be able to apply strategies for overall ergonomic performance and injury reduction.

Learn to
• Identify kinds and levels of ergonomic cultures to assess your organization
• Recognize barriers to moving to a higher- level ergonomic culture
• Explore strategies for activating executives and managers to become more effective ergonomic culture proponents
• Plan for elevating worker engagement in changing their mental and physical ergonomic habits and actions.

Instructor(s): Robert Pater, Managing Director, Strategic Safety Associates/MoveSMART®, Portland, OR

Credit: 1 Day / .7 CEU / 1.17 IH CM Points # 09-2799