812 Creating a Positive, Proactive and Participative Safety Culture

This seminar covers the process of creating cultural change to achieve a positive, proactive safety culture. It is designed for those who need a road map of tools that will enable them to guide others in their organizations to achieve breakthrough safety performance. Dr. Simon will illustrate the principles of transformative culture change by drawing on case examples of top-tier safety cultures that have demonstrated long-term sustainability even in the face of internal and external threats.

Learn to
Develop a culture within your organization that is receptive to injury and loss prevention
Discuss how culture and organizational systems affect safety performance
Separate the visible from the invisible influences a safety culture has on safety performance, policies and procedures vs. norms, beliefs and assumptions
Implement a methodology to analyze and modify group norms that interfere with creating a positive safety culture
Use concrete, practical techniques to get and sustain grassroots involvement, ownership and leadership in safety

Instructor(s): Harvey J. Liss, Ph.D., Culture Change Consultants, Inc., Larchmont, NY

Credit: 1 Day / .7 CEU / 1.17 Safety CM Points # 09-2821