323 CANCELLED -- Aligning Safety with Your Organization’s Business Goals: A Six-Step Process

In a recent ASSE survey, respondents ranked their interest in aligning safety with their organization’s business goals as a topic of high importance for their professional development. This topic is viewed as a quid pro quo that is critical for the organization’s survival and helps assure the success of the safety endeavor. An approach to achieving this balance can be found in the application of risk principles as a facet of safety management. In this seminar, you will learn to use risk principles through a six-step risk-based process, Operational Risk Management. This process will guide you through risk identification, risk assessment, and the development of risk control measures that will impact the cost of risk in any organization and at the same time further your efforts to be more proactive in safety management.

Learn to

• Use risk principles to identify, assess, and rank safety and health hazards
• Create a risk assessment matrix
• Follow risk principles to analyze control measures and make risk control decisions
• Implement risk control actions that are aligned with their organization’s business goals

Instructor(s): Francis P. Sehn, CSP, ARM, Willis HRH, Pittsburgh, PA

Credit: 2 Days / 1.4 CEUs / 2.34 Safety CM Points # 09-2798