661  Spanish Speaking Workers/ Gringo Managers-MAKING IT WORK!
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Todayís Latino worker makes up more than 50 percent of our nationís workforce. Unfortunately, Latinos have the highest fatality rate in the workplace. What are the reasons? Can we close the communication and cultural gaps? The vast majority of companies and organizations (supervisors) with Spanish speaking employees are not communicating effectively with their employees due to language and cultural differences. Itís time to close the communication and cultural gap between Spanish speaking employees and their English speaker managers / supervisors. Itís time to MAKE IT WORK! Plan on attending this session and walk away with valuable information and effective communication tips and techniques, which can be put into practice immediately.

Instructors: Hector M. Escarcega, CSP, ARM, Bilingual Solutions Int'l / Full Esteem Ahead Training & Seminars, Los Angeles, CA

Level: B I