558  The Business Case Method for Presenting and Developing a Return to Work Program
Sponsored by the Consultants and Risk Management / Insurance Practice Specialties

This session will provide the safety and health professional with the understanding of how to sell and develop a return-to-work program. They will learn how to make a business case for a return-to-work program by making an expected return on investment presentation, as well as project overall expected cost savings. Attendees will be able to convey the business need for such a program, demonstrate a greater impact on the company cost savings goals, and avoid many common mistakes in managing the program.

Instructors: Bruce J. Fyfe, CSP, ARM, CPEA, Irvine, CA
Leslie M. Batterson, CSP, CPEA, Chicago, IL
Deborah E. Weigand, Southfield, MI
Aon Global Risk Consulting

Level: I A