329  Creating Line Management Safety and Health Leadership

Maximizing safety performance excellence can only be accomplished when line managers accept and own the safety responsibility. This seminar will assist safety professionals and practitioners in their efforts to create an environment where their role and the role of the line management team can be enhanced to produce safety performance excellence.

Learn to
Train line managers on the techniques they must utilize to effectively execute their safety responsibility
Implement a strategy to assist their organization in improving its safety culture
Take steps toward achieving safety performance excellence based upon the critical elements necessary for reaching this goal
Practice common and contemporary safety management approaches and work toward achieving senior management commitment to safety

Instructors: Samuel Gualardo, CSP, President, National Safety Consultants, Inc., Salix, PA

Credit: 2 Days/ 1.4 CEUs / 2.0 IH CM # 08-2198 / .88 CHMM CMP