313  Change Management and Leadership: Understanding the Dimensions of Change and How to Be More Effective As a Change Leader

Todayís safety professionals are no longer expected to simply know and understand safety, they are being asked to be effective leaders of change within their organizations. Whether you are changing an existing procedure, implementing a new process, or transforming your organization to improve safety performance, there are some foundational skills for change management that will make your efforts easier and more effective. In this seminar, you will learn how to be more successful as a change leader and how to leverage those around you to implement change efforts that are sustainable.

Learn to
∑ Apply the three types of change and select the change leadership style most appropriate for you
∑ Recognize stages of change that your workforce, team and organization transition through
∑ Identify acceptors, adopters, and resistors, and leverage them to move your change-efforts forward
∑ Apply Harvard professor and change management guru John Kotterís 8-step change model for your leadership of change in your organizationís safety performance

Instructors: Katherine A. Hart, EdD, CSP, Principal Consultant and Founder, K.A. Hart & Associates, Alameda, CA

Credit: 1 Day / .7 CEU / 1.0 CM Points # 08-2229 / .44 CHMM CMP