Key Level Descriptions

Our conference brings a wide variety of perspectives to our attendees through specialized sessions. Sessions will be identified by experience levels in order to help you better navigate the conference. Levels are:

• (B) Two to five years of experiences is identified as basic
• (I) Six to 10 years of experience is identified as intermediate
• (A) 10 years plus of experience is identified as advanced
• (E) Executive level sessions

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Concurrent Sessions - Monday, June 29

10:45am - 11:45am

501 Benchmark Your Leading Indicators to Manage Jobsite Risk
502 Safety Leadership in the United States, Internationally and in ASSE
Sponsored by Women in Safety Engineering
503 Global Perspective of Going Green: Lessons We Can Share
Sponsored by the Environmental and Management Practice Specialties
504 Aging, Obesity & Diversity: The Office of the Future
505 Neuro-Linguistics in Safety Excellence
Sponsored by the Training & Communications Branch of the Risk Management / Insurance Practice Specialty
506 Dodging the Bugs: Infection Control at Work
507 Defining Best Practices for Global Enterprise Safety Management
508 Combustible Dust: Regulatory, Legislative and Litigation Issues
Sponsored by the Environmental and Mining Practice Specialties
509 OSHA Current Activities Update
510 Using Causal Analysis to Minimize Risk
511 Risk Management and Safety: Do We Speak the Same Language?
512 Cultivating an Actively-Caring Culture: Dispelling Myths about People and Moving Forward
513 A New Frontier for Safety
514 Developing and Measuring a Safety Business Plan
515 Lessons from the Flight Deck
516 Culturally Appropriate Training: How to Do It Right!
Sponsored by the Training & Communications Branch of the Risk Management / Insurance Practice Specialty
517 Making Fall Protection Work at Your Site
Sponsored by the Engineering Practice Specialty
518 Electrical Safety Requirements
519 Key Issue Roundtable #1: Lockout Tagout (LOTO) for Automated Manufacturing Equipment
Sponsored by the Manufacturing Practice Specialty
520 Fundamentals of SH&E: Overview of Regulatory Compliance 101A
521 Recursos Sin Costo Disponibles en Espaņol para Profesionales de Seguridad que Sirven a la Comunidad de Trabajadores de Habla Hispana (Free Resources Available in Spanish for Safety Professionals Servicing the Spanish-Speaking Community of Workers) - Delivered in Spanish
522 Expo Education: A Session from our Exhibitors
Flash Fire Hazard and Analysis of Flame Resistant Clothing Performance

3:15pm - 4:15pm

525 BOOM! What Was That Noise? Common Causes of Crane Accidents and How to Prevent Them
526 Planting the Garden: Impact Networking Strategies
527 Applied Ergonomics: Tools and Methods for Improving Fit of the Workplace
Sponsored by the Ergonomics Branch of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty
528 Guidelines for Developing a Crisis Management Plan
529 Beyond Compliance: The Next Level of EHS Excellence
530 Pandemic Influenza Epidemiology and Planning
Sponsored by the Environmental Practice Specialty
531 Everything You Need to Know About Health and Safety Law and Management in Canada
Sponsored by the International Practice Specialty
532 Case Study: Contractor Safety in the Petrochemical Industry
533 What's Driving Your Insurance Costs for the Next Five Years
534 Safety Awareness in the Agricultural Sector
535 Evaluation and Control of Fall Hazards: Lessons Learned
536 Ten Characteristics that Distinguish Great Safety Organizations: What Leaders do to Make Them Real
537 Cognitive-Behavioral Safety: How Stages of Change Influence Safety Behaviors
538 The Changing Face of Metrics in Safety
Sponsored by the Standards Development Committee
539 Evaluate This! A Compelling Technique to Measure and Evaluate Training Results
Sponsored by the Training & Communications Branch of the Risk Management / Insurance Practice Specialty
540 Fire Suppression Considerations for Storage Occupancies
Sponsored by the Fire Protection Practice Specialty
541 Case Studies of Industrial Confined Space Entry
Sponsored by the Standards Development Committee
542 Driving Green = Driving Safe
543 Key Issue Roundtable #2: New Mandated Substance Abuse Testing Programs/Protocols Under MSHA
Sponsored by the Mining Practice Specialty
544 Nueva Regla de Seguridad Ocupacional del Departamento de Energia! Lo Que Deben Conocer Todos Los Contratistas de DOE (U.S. Department of Energy's New Worker Safety Rule! What Every DOE Contractor Should Know) - Delivered in Spanish
545 Expo Education: A Session from our Exhibitors
Process Safety Management: What is the Right Audit Approach for You?

4:30pm - 5:30pm

550 The When, Where and How to Look for Fall Exposure
551 Developing the Art of Listening: Studying Occupational Cultures
552 Anhydrous Ammonia Safety
553 Is Your Stretch & Flex Program Cutting Edge?
Sponsored by the Ergonomics Branch of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty
554 Integrating Employee Fall Prevention Techniques in Healthcare Operations
555 Assessing and Controlling Hexavalent Chromium Exposure from Welding
556 Updating OSHA's 1989 Safety and Health Management Systems Guidelines
557 Operational Risk Management: From the Top Floor to the Shop Floor
Sponsored by the Risk Management / Insurance Practice Specialty
558 The Business Case Method for Presenting and Developing a Return to Work Program
Sponsored by the Consultants and Risk Management / Insurance Practice Specialties
559 A Safety Mindset for Effective Leaders
560 Measuring Safety Culture of Chemical Manufacturing Employees
561 Cost Analysis and Budgeting: Risk Analysis and Hazard Control
562 Execution: The Difference That Makes the Difference - Achieving Superior Performance
563 The Humvee Rollover Trainer: An Officer's Quest to Save Lives in Combat
564 Internal Floating Roof Tank Fires: The Real World and a New Approach
Sponsored by the Fire Protection Practice Specialty
565 C.A.S.T. for Succe$$
566 A Guide for Designing and Implementing Arc Flash Mitigation
567 Improving Fleet Safety with Driver Risk Management Solutions
568 Key Issue Roundtable #3: The Need for Additional Graduate Level (MS and Ph.D.) Occupational Safety Programs in the US
Sponsored by the Academics Practice Specialty
569 Fundamentals of SH&E: Hazard Identification and Control 101B
570 Expo Education: A Session from our Exhibitors
Advancing Your Career: What Companies are Demanding of their EH&S Professionals

Future Conference Dates

Please join us at Safety 2010, June 13-16, 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Don't miss out on the festivities of the 100th anniversary of ASSE at Safety 2011, June 12-15, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois.


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