Upcoming Changes to ANSI Standards on Head and Eye and Face Protection

Description: Two key PPE standards are being updated to reflect current technology and applications. ANSI Z89.1 on Industrial Head Protection is being expanded to include optional testing for reverse donning, high-visibility and extreme temperature exposures. ANSI Z87.1 on Personal Eye and Face Protective Devices will introduce a new, user-friendly hazard-based format. The updated standard will introduce performance criteria for exposures such as gas, dust, and ignition. This session will provide safety professionals an overview of the changes to these widely-recognized standards, suggestions for implementing them into safety programs and a brief discussion on the relationship between these standards and OSHA regulations.
  Instructor(s): Janice Comer Bradley, CSP
Cristine Z. Fargo
International Safety Equipment Association, Arlington, VA
John E. Salce, Aearo Technologies, Southbridge, MA
  Level: B I