Sponsored by the Standards Development Committee and the Engineering Practice Specialty: How Do You Provide Fall Protection in a Wind Tunnel and Other Odd Locations?

Description: In a 16-foot diameter wind tunnel, where wind speeds can exceed 100 mph and you cannot make structural changes to the tunnel, how do you provide fall protection? In this scenario and others, the session will focus on how to provide integrated fall protection solutions that employees can use and that benefit the flow of work. Using an actual case study and photos from an audit, attendees will learn how to identify both typical and unusual fall hazards at a location, how to meet current OSHA Standards, work towards realistic compliance with a difficult customer, and how to provide integrated and seamless solutions that employees will accept and use.
  Instructor(s): R. Brent Proudfoot, II, CSP, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc., Stafford, VA
Robert O. Whitfield, CSHM, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc., Columbia, MD
  Level: I A