Sponsored by the Standards Development Committee and the Consultants Practice Specialty: AIHA/ANSI Z10 - What Have We Learned in the Past Three Years?

Description: The release in July 2005 of the AIHA/ANSI Occupational Safety and Health Management Standard was seen by many in the SH&E profession as a seminal event in the practice of safety. Three years have elapsed since the release. Has it lived up to its star billing in the real workplace? In this presentation an overall understanding of the impetus for ANSI Z10 and its subsequent implementation will be examined using the results of a survey conducted with numerous safety consultants in the field. Attendees will get a clear understanding of what changes ANSI Z10 has created in the day-to-day practice of safety and what might be expected in the coming years.
  Instructor(s): Pamela J. Ferrante, CSP, CHMM, J & C Safety Consultants, Pittsburgh, PA
  Level: I A