Balanced Scorecard Approach to Determine Safety Program Effectiveness

Credit: 1 Day / .7 CEU / 1.0 IH CM Points # 07 -1976 / .44 CHMM CMP
Description: What gets measured gets managed. This statement is true in safety. The Balanced Scorecard System is a management system that can provide a new approach to measurement of safety program effectiveness. The Balanced Scorecard system provides a clear vision of the status of an operation and translates that vision into actions that facilitate identification of improvement in safety results. Using this system, you will learn to organize benchmarks in four perspective categories, learning and growth, business process, customer and financial. Using these four perspectives, you will learn to establish metrics that can be collected and analyzed on a continual basis to achieve a more meaningful metric for measurement of safety improvements.

Learn to
Define the Balanced Scorecard management system and describe its application to safety management
Implement the Balanced Scorecard management system to measure the effectiveness of your safety and health program
  Instructor(s): Terry Mathis, President, ProAct Safety, The Woodlands, TX