Global Environmental, Health and Safety Management

Credit: 2 Days/ 1.4 CEUs / 2.0 IH CM Points #07- 3852 / .90 CHMM CMP
Description: This seminar is practical, experience-oriented and designed for new or experienced EHS managers and consultants working in the international arena. You will walk away with resource materials and problem solving tools to develop, implement and monitor an effective global EHS safety management system. The seminar incorporates British and European safety and health management systems, U.S. based multinational experience as well as an opportunity to discuss business approaches through breakout groups and case studies.

Learn to
Discuss strategies for developing, implementing and monitoring a global environmental safety and health management system
Explain how many U.S. multinationals manage compliance with non U.S. safety and health regulations (Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East)
Develop an overview and knowledge of the European health and safety directives for your European sites
Describe how to manage cultural, language and religion issues at non U.S. sites to achieve desired global business results
Develop a network of safety professionals actively involved in managing global EHS systems
  Instructor(s): Kathy A. Seabrook, CSP, RSP (UK), MIOSH, President, Global Solutions Inc., Mendham, NJ