CSP Exam Preparation Workshop

Credit: 3 Days / 2.1 CEUs / 3.0 Safety CM Points # 07-1939 / 1.3 CHMM CMPs
Description: This course is designed to prepare individuals for the Comprehensive Examination leading to certification as a CSP. The workshop covers the four areas of the exam: engineering, management, information management and communications and professional conduct and ethics. Your preparation will include lectures, sample problems, and discussions on a variety of subjects to prepare for the exam.

· Concepts of probability, statistics and calculus
· Engineering: safety and environmental, occupational health, fire protection
· Applied management: principles, ergonomic analysis, risk management,
· Workers’ Compensation
· Legal/regulatory and professional affairs
  Instructor(s): C. David Langlois, CSP
Mike Weigand, CSP
Langlois, Weigand, & Associates, Baton Rouge, LA