ASP Exam Preparation Workshop

Credit: 3 Days / 2.1 CEUs / 3.0 Safety CM Points # 07-1938
Description: This workshop will prepare you for the Board of Certified Safety Professionalsí Safety
Fundamentals Examination, which leads to the ASP designation. You will review more than 450 problems addressing all four sections covered by the exam.

Learn to
∑ Obtain answers to questions about core exam materials
∑ Identify areas where additional preparation is needed
∑ Become familiar with resources available to prepare for the exam
∑ Utilize information about certification requirements and scoring procedures in your test preparation
∑ Review content material utilizing a testing format
  Instructor(s): C. David Langlois, CSP
Mike Weigand, CSP
Langlois, Weigand, & Associates, Baton Rouge, LA