Thursday, June 12, 2008 - Concurrent Sessions

9:15am - 10:30pm

701 Tunnel Safety a Regulatory Perspective
702 Bridging Cultural Differences
703 Sponsored by the Environmental Practice Specialty: Risk Assessment in Alternative Energy
704 Ergonomics-based Methods of Inspecting, Assessing and Documenting Environmental Sites of Injurious Falls
705 Emergency Management Is Rocket Science
706 Individual Fit Testing of Hearing Protectors: A Case Study
707 OSHA Strategic Partnerships Score with Stadium Construction Projects
708 Nanotechnology: Health & Safety Exposures in a Shrinking World
709 Risk Management for Sub-Contractors
710 How to Develop an Effective Safety Program for Your Spanish Speaking Workforce
711 Leading Measures for Safety Performance
712 Culture: The Only Way to Get to Zero
713 Separating the Wheat from the Chaff - An Analysis of Safety Improvement Strategies in 2008
714 Training Evaluation Methods - Who, What, Why and How!
715 Sponsored by the Standards Development Committee: Standards Development Committee (SDC) Standards Forum
716 A Previously Unidentified Failure Mode for Ladder-Climbing Fall Protection Systems
717 Protecting Your Investment to Ensure Business Continuity
718 The Bumpy Road to Success: Reducing Fleet Accidents
719 Sponsored by the Environmental Practice Specialty: Key Issue Roundtable #8 - Tools of the Trade for the Environmental Safety Professional
720 Fundamentals of SH&E - Basic Risk Management 101E
721 Expo Education - Web-Based Technology; Your Competitive Advantage for Global MSDS Management
11:00am - 12:00pm

725 Sponsored by the Construction Practice Specialty: Construction Safety Forum
726 Relational Leadership in an Electronic Age
727 Sponsored by the Environmental Practice Specialty: Managing the New Asbestos Risks - Amphiboles and Soils
728 Ergonomics + Lean Manufacturing = Synergy for Workplace Improvements and Performance at Genie Industries
729 Sponsored by the Fire Protection Branch of the Engineering Practice Specialty: Community Emergency Response: Have You Met Your Neighbors Yet?
730 Adding Diversity Awareness to Your Leadership Skill Set
731 Sponsored by the Healthcare Practice Specialty: HealthCare SH&E Forum
732 A Management Systems Approach to Addressing Employee Health Risk Exposures
733 Safety: Global Challenges, Solutions and Best Practices
734 Sponsored by the Public Sector Practice Specialty: A Risk Management Approach to Public Sector Worker's Compensation
735 VPP: Leaders in Safety and Health Excellence
736 Sponsored by the Risk Management/Insurance Practice Specialty: Safety Heroes and the Actuary’s Chamber of Secrets
737 I Changed a Safety Culture and It Nearly Killed Me!
738 Benchmarking Safety
739 Safety is Killing Business
740 Basics of Sprinkler Systems & Design
741 Avoiding Common PHA Mistakes
742 Sponsored by the ASSE Government Affairs Committee: ASSE Government Affairs Committee Update
743 Sponsored by the Consultants Practice Specialty: Key Issue Roundtable #9 - Technology and Computers Aid to the EHS Consultant
744 Fractura a Través del & de la Comunicación; Barreras Culturales con tu Mano de Obra de Habla Hispana / Breaking Through the Communication & Cultural Barriers with Your Spanish Speaking Workforce - Delivered in Spanish
745 Training Without Borders: (Are You Effectively Communicating to Your Entire Workforce?)
1:45pm - 3:00pm

750 Sponsored by the Construction Practice Specialty: Construction Owners Safety Blueprint
751 New OSHA Crane Safety Standard
752 Surviving in the Courtroom
753 Sponsored by the Environmental and International Practice Specialties: International Challenges in Environmental Compliance, Auditing, and Supply-Chain Sustainability
754 How to Reduce the Other Two Thirds of Your Back Pain Losses
755 Creating a Safe Work Environment for Emergency Medical Service Workers
756 How to Build a World-Class Manufacturing Capability
757 The Secret to Mold Remediation Success
758 The Global Harmonization Standard - An Overview
759 Sponsored by the Risk Management / Insurance Practice Specialty: Applying Success Principles to Safety / Risk Management
760 Sponsored by the Management Practice Specialty: Lean Sigma Scorecard - Safety Excellence Scorecard
761 Why Safety Efforts Fail: Four Serious, Common, and Persistent Mistakes in Safety Management
762 De-Mystifying Organizational Culture for the Safety Professional
763 Safety Training: Compliance or Excellence?
764 Upcoming Changes to ANSI Standards on Head and Eye and Face Protection
765 Sponsored by the Standards Development Committee: Impact of Nanotechnology and the Implementation / Use of SH&E Standards
766 Sponsored by the Standards Development Committee: Practical Approach to Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction
767 Sponsored by the Management Practice Specialty: Key Issue Roundtable #10 - Dealing with Human Error and How to Avoid It
768 Fundamentals of SH&E – Fire Protection 101F
769 Expo Education - RFID-Based Resource Management of Powered Industrial Trucks: Safety Technology that Delivers Real Return on Investment
3:15pm - 4:15pm

775 Sponsored by the Ergonomics Branch of the Industrial Hygiene and Construction Practice Specialties: Can Ergonomics Effect Efficiency and Productivity in the Construction Industry - Is it a Fallacy?
776 The Safety Profession The Challenge for the Future
777 Sponsored by the Management Practice Specialty: Inspiring Behavioral Change
778 Call to Action! Addressing Workplace Reproductive & Developmental Hazards
779 Sponsored by the International Practice Specialty: Removing the Barriers to Achieve Excellence in Global Safety Performance
780 How to Plan for an OSHA Inspection
781 The Art and Science of Predicting Accidents
782 Improving Your Safety Performance with Intelligent Use of Data
783 When the Safety System Fails the Worker: Did We Do Our Job? A Case Study
784 Sponsored by the Council on Practices and Standards: The New Face of Safety
785 Creating a Zero Incident Safety Culture: Proactive Metrics Spring to Life
786 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Safety Leadership Training
787 Sponsored by the Standards Development Committee and the Fire Protection Branch of the Engineering Practice Specialty: The 2007 ANSI Z535 Standards - A New Era for Facility Safety Signs and Product Safety Labels Begins
788 Causes of Electrical Safety Incidents
789 Using Video Technology to Dramatically Improve Your Fleet Safety Results
790 Sponsored by the Engineering Practice Specialty: Key Issue Roundtable #11 - Safety Engineer - Job Title or Profession?
791 Fundamentals of SH&E – Basic Safety Management 101G
792 Expo Education - Tools for Risk Assessment