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After completing all the requirements for the ISO 45001 Certificate, complete this form and return it to ASSE to receive your certificate.

ISO 45001

Click here to view the International Standards Organization's webpage regarding the ISO 45001 standard for occupational health and safety (OH&S) management systems.

ISO 45001 Certificate Program

The adoption of ISO 45001 is a historical moment for occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS). This first of its kind global standards will provide organizations with a framework to prevent work-related injuries and fatalities, leading to safer and healthier workplaces.

It’s more important than ever to prepare yourself and your organization for the implementation of ISO 45001. ASSE offers resources to help you get up to speed, through our ISO 45001 Certificate Program – with courses available in the traditional classroom, online or onsite at your organization.

ISO 45001 In-Person Course

ASSE’s ISO 45001 Certificate Program focuses on the effective implementation of the 45001 standard. The program offers a blended learning experience, comprised of an online pre-course module and a three-day classroom course, and will give safety professionals the guidance to consistently manage effective safety programs worldwide.

During this three-day course, your instructor will guide you through these four topic areas:

  • Management engagement
  • The organizational responsibilities around OSH
  • Promotion of risk-based thinking
  • Assessing risk

Return to your organization with the knowledge and confidence to successfully implement the ISO 45001 standard as an integral part of your organization’s overall business operations and objectives. Upon completion of this certificate program, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the ISO 45001 standard document
  • Tell business leaders a compelling story on the importance of adopting the standard
  • Create an actionable plan for adoption of the standard
  • Assess the performance of your OHSMS, in relation to the ISO 45001 standard, and continuously improve your process

Participants in this program must complete all 35 hours (3.5 CEUs) within two years to receive the certificate. These CEUs are earned by completing:

  • Three-day ISO 45001 Certificate Program course (2.1 CEUs)
  • 14-hours of selected electives (1.4 CEUs). These are earned by participating in ASSE webinars, virtual symposia, or in-person courses.

Attendees receive a copy of the ISO 45001 standard with registration.

ISO 45001 LearnEx Course

ASSE’s new LearnEx courses provide safety professionals the opportunity to take part in our formal courses through a completely online experience. Through ASSE’s IS0 4500 LearnEx course, you’ll receive the same level of content and educational engagement as our in-person course, but can learn at your own pace anywhere an internet connection is available.

View upcoming ISO 45001 LearnEx courses here.

ISO 45001 Onsite Course

Bring the ISO 45001 course to your organization through our onsite program. Your employees will experience common knowledge, best practices, and processes for implementing ISO 45001. This results in stronger teams and increased expertise, productivity and efficiency.

Contact Tom Kerschnerat ASSE to learn more!

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You Can Complete This Course in One of Three Ways!

Traditional Classroom

Complete this three-day workshop-style course live and in person!

Dates & Locations

Baltimore, MD
May 7-9, 2018
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San Antonio, TX
June 7-9, 2018
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Can't travel? You can complete the same experiental learning, live, online.

LearnEx Online Program
March 18 - April 15, 2018
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Want to bring this three-day course into your organization? Contact Tom Kerschner at ASSE to learn more!

ISO 45001 5-Step Action Plan

These 5 steps outline the measures that safety professionals can take to begin implementing ISO 45001. See them here.


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