Safety Attendees: The People You Want to Meet
84% of attendees visit the exposition

Big Budgets 51% of the buyers report they plan to spend $50,000 or more for products seen at the SAFETY Exposition.

Professionals From Key Industries

The manufacturing industry and government / public administration comprise the two largest industry classifications represented by the conference attendees.

Key Duties and Responsibilities of Conference Attendees

Experienced Safety and Health Professionals

Safety attendees are experienced and high-ranking professionals. 78% have more than 10 years experience in their field.

Buyers have a Wide and Overlapping Interest in Products and Services seen on the Exhibit Floor

Serious Buying Power

90% of the attendees have buying influence for at least one of the major product categories exhibited at the SAFETY Exposition.

Decision-Makers From The Top of Their Field

Over half of the attendees are safety directors, managers, engineers, or consultants.


Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to the Safety industry!
The Expo Education Program offers a forum for exhibitors to present technical programs; showcase the positive contributions of SH&E professionals from around the world; or describe their vision for the future of the safety profession. Designed to be educational in nature, direct promotion is not permitted. Exhibitors can, however, discuss their products and services if presented in an educational context. For more information, contact: