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“You will absolutely get the latest and the best information, as well as technology at ASSE,” says attendee Stephen Walter, Chevron Workforce Safety and Health Advisor. “Even more powerful than that is the networking opportunity to be around your fellow peers. You have a course that people who miss out on are going to hear about and want to go to.”

"There has never been a time when I have not walked away from these sessions without valuable information," said Scott Swanson, Senior Safety Representative, National Cooperative Refinery Association. "I consider both my active participation in ASSE, both the local and national level, as well as the certifications I have completed, to play an active role in my current position as well as possible future advancement within the company…"

“There is no greater time spent than that of sharing thoughts, ideas and concepts that may enhance the integration of SHE into the business mainstream thus creating a safer place in which to work.” Skipper Kendrick, President, Kendrick Global Enterprises LLC.

Why earn a certificate from ASSE?

Whether you're just starting the journey or well on the path of a successful SH&E career, ASSE certificates are your guide to greater SH&E success. Completing a certificate program from ASSE:

  • Signifies a commitment to the profession
  • Acquires a new level of expertise
  • Broadens your knowledge of safety management
  • Opens the door for more opportunities
  • Improves your earning potential and job mobility
  • Expands your professional network 
  • Provides notable capabilities on a resume

Be associated with ASSE’s strong and long-standing reputation of integrity and excellence by earning a Certificate in Safety Management and/or the Executive Program in Safety Management today.

Earn the Certificate in Safety Management (CSM) 7.5 CEUs

ASSE’s Certificate in Safety Management provides a forum to share challenges, craft solutions, and implement the necessary skills to be successful in positioning safety in your organization. Learn more...

Earn the Certificate in the Executive Program in Safety Management (EP) 7.5 CEUs

Align safety with organizational goals, increase the success of your safety management system and gain recognition for safety’s contribution to the organization. Learn more...

Certificate in Global Safety Management (GSM) 5.0 CEUs

ASSE’s new certificate program focuses on safety management practices that will enable safety professionals to establish and maintain safe work places anywhere in the world. Learn more...

*Please register for June seminars on the PDC website