Call for Authors for the ASSE Book "EHS Leadership & Professional Development"

Dear Practice Specialty Member(s),

You are invited to contribute technical contents, relevant to your area of specialty, to the ASSE Book Publication of "EHS Leadership & Professional Development", edited by Richard Olawoyin, Ph.D, CEP, CSP and Darryl C. Hill, Ph.D., CSP. 

The primary goals of this proposed book are two-fold; first, to facilitate the efforts of the ASSE in defining the OSH profession for prosperity. Second, to effectively prepare safety leaders by delivering evidence-based learning, not just on the required skills, but on the theories of leadership and how to make relational connection between the skills and the theories. The strength of the proposed book lies in the contribution of academics and industry professionals. This is intended to enable the easy transfer of best practices in learning into professional practice.

The general book proposal goals are as follows;

Goal 1: Knowledge - Observed skills in practice

Students and young professionals will;

  • demonstrate content knowledge, pedagogical, and professional knowledge necessary for successful performance in the safety profession.
  • demonstrate professional skills and dispositions necessary for successful performance in their field.
  • advance students' intellectual curiosity, competency and skills in the professional practice of EHS

Goal 2: Service 

Students and young professionals will;

  • demonstrate willingness to apply their skills to benefit and serve the society, community and the world, within the contexts of their work, through genuine learning, emotional development, and committed effort to social safety in environments that promote value for diversity, respect and the dignity for all. 
  • Understand moral and ethical implications of policy options and political. environmental and occupational strategies.
  • Integrate personal professional developments with the needs of the communities and stakeholders.

Goal 3: Professionalism

Students and young professionals will;

  • demonstrate self-reflection as mind habit, through continuous evaluation and improvement of professional practice, by building a rich repertoire of research-based skills, knowledge and attitudes for effective performance that guarantees optimal opportunities and professional growth.
  • foster actions based on integrity and objectivity to ensure accountability towards social success 
  • model principles of self-awareness, reflective practice, transparency, and ethical behavior.

Goal 4: Leadership

Students and young professionals will;

  • become proficient at applying acquired knowledge in the process of evaluating personal professional performance and decision-making, with respect to impact on self and/or clients, organizations, and the wider community.
  • collaboratively develop, articulate, and steward a district vision, using available information to identify goals and evaluate progress toward those goals.
  • evaluate and appreciate potential moral and legal consequences of decision making in practice and promote successful outcomes that benefit all.
  • anticipate, recognize and assess emerging trends and initiatives in order to adapt leadership-based strategies in an effort to improve the performance of the workforce.

We are currently accepting contributions for the second edition of the Book, chapters that can be completed before June 30, 2017 will be considered for the first edition, due to be published in 2018. We, in this context, take the privilege of inviting you to be a part of our endeavor. 


Please send an acceptance letter along with your updated CV, Short biography of 150 words, including relevant experience to olawoyin@oakland.edu


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