In today’s business environment, every financial commitment is a strategic decision and measured in some way. The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) understands this reality and is dedicated to providing value to each of the Society’s Corporate Sponsors

ASSE Sponsors benefit from a robust recognition program designed to provide a high level of visibility with 37,000+ OSH members. This includes recognition across print, digital and event-based mediums to maximize awareness. Recognition varies based on the level of investment for each unique program.


Annual Professional Development Conference & Exposition+


Leadership Conference+

Future Safety Leaders Conference+

Webinars & Virtual Symposia+


Recognition for Certificate Programs include:
  • Logo and link to sponsor website on program webpage
  • Recognition at seminars throughout the year
  • Sponsor representative to make non-commercial, opening remarks at educational seminars and workshops to highlight sponsorship
  • Tabletop exhibiting opportunities at attended seminars
  • Sponsor-branded collateral materials at seminars
  • Recognition on marketing and collateral materials
  • On-site signage at seminars as a sponsor
  • List of attendees at events (name, address, company, title)

ISO 45001 Certificate Program+

Certificate in Risk Assessment+

Certificate in Safety Management+

Executive Program+

Certificate in Global Safety Management+


Practice Specialties and Common Interest Groups+

ASSE is innovative and flexible with our sponsorship program. If your company or organization is interested in forging a relationship with ASSE around an initiative not contained within this document, contact TylerEble +1 630 742.2399.

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