Suggested Format for SH&E Text Reviews in JSHER

The main function of including a formal SH&E text book review in each issue of JSHER is to grow an archive of information about the many SH&E texts available to SH&E educators. This kind of a resource could assist SH&E educators in developing courses, or in deciding whether the field needs new or revised SH&E text books.

JSHER recommends that interested authors adopt the following format for their review.


  1. Name of text, authors and author degrees and certifications/credentials, ISBN number, price, pages, publisher (picture of the cover if available).
  2. Review the table of contents.
  3. Review of the content:
    1. Is the primary audience undergraduate or graduate students (or both?)
    2. Is the content accurate?
    3. Is the content thorough and professionally presented?
    4. What are the strong points and weaker points of the text?
    5. What is the quality of the writing? Is the voice appropriate?
    6. Is the organization of chapters as well as the content within each chapter well done? Are there student learning objectives at the outset of each chapter? Is there a conclusion at the end of each chapter?
    7. Is the quality of the references, the appendices, the tables, graphs, charts and other visual aids appropriate?
    8. How would you rate the "teachability" of the content - do the chapters read well, are there good examples, sample problems, anecdotes, etc., are there specifically highlighted aspects of SH&E accessible to the student (such as sidebars, case studies, etc.),
    9. What is the quality of supporting materials: For example, is there a teacher's guide with sample case studies, problems and their solutions and sample test questions, sample graphics, PowerPoint slides, etc? Does the text come with a CD or web-based support?
  4. Final recommendation; either a thumbs up or down statement. This is the "would you use it in your program" litmus test.. Your language here should be polite and respectful.
  5. Your name, degree, credentials and place of employment.