Strategic Plan for the Official Journal of the Academics Practice Specialty

Mission: The Journal of Safety, Health and Environmental Research is an on-line publication of peer reviewed theoretical and empirical manuscripts, reviews and editorials devoted to a wide variety of safety, health and environmental issues and practices.

Vision: The vision of journal is to be the premier source of peer-reviewed information to both SH& E academics and practitioners concerned with safety, health and environmental science, management, economics, finance, engineering and legal/regulatory or compliance issues.


  1. Enhance the decision-making and professional development of both SH&E academics and safety students.
  2. Focus on innovative concepts and models, strategies, technical tools and theoretical and observational analyses
  3. Condensing state-of-the-art information essential to safety educators into three issues a year.
  4. Offer timely reviews of legal, regulatory or compliance changes, software applications, graduate student research, and non peer reviewed, but scholarly discussions of relevant SH& E topics and trends.
  5. Offer progressive ways for confronting and managing SH & E issues or concerns.