American Society of Safety Engineers

Mission Statement

ASSE is a global association of safety, health and environmental professionals dedicated to the advancement of its members and the profession through education and advocacy.

Vision Statement

ASSE is a global advocate and premier leader for the safety, health, and environmental professional and the profession.


Our core values form the foundation on which we work and conduct our Society. These values are so primary, so important to us, that throughout the changes in the global society, government, politics, and technology they are still the core values we will abide by. These values underlie our work, how we interact with each other, and those strategies we employ to fulfill our mission. They are the practices we use every day in everything we do.

  • Service to humanity:
    We are dedicated to protecting people, property, and the environment. We reach out globally, providing opportunities to collaborate with and engage anyone involved in safety, health, and the environment (OSH).
  • Value of The Profession:
    We believe a safe and healthy place to work is a fundamental right.
    We believe that sound OSH practices are both socially responsible and good business.
    We value employers' commitment to sound OSH practices.
    We are committed to advancing the profession through innovation, thought leadership, and objective, unbiased, science-based approaches to OSH practices.
  • Members:
    We believe our Society is driven by our members.
    We strive to meet member needs for training and development, networking, and community.
    We believe in the strength of diversity and reach out to include all members.
    We believe students & new professionals provide a pipeline to the future.
    We believe that mentoring and growing our member base is critical for the continuity of our profession.
  • Professional development:
    We believe growth of our body of knowledge and the professional development of OSH practitioners advance the profession.
    We believe that continuous learning is critical for the development of the safety professional.
  • Ethical behavior:
    We aspire to the highest degree of professional conduct, ethical practice, and integrity.
    We resolve to provide prudent stewardship of Society resources.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1:
ASSE will be recognized as the thought leader of the profession by initiating new ideas, innovations, and solutions to guide OSH professionals.


  1. Engage in dialogue and debate for the purpose of creating solutions guiding the development of the OSH profession.
  2. Identify and support significant evidence-based research addressing ideas, innovations and solutions.
  3. Promote the value of risk-based occupational safety and health decision making.
  4. Advance the body of knowledge by identifying and addressing emerging issues affecting the OSH profession.
  5. Promote the Society's contribution in the initiation of new ideas, innovations and solutions.

Goal 2:
ASSE will define the standards of professional competency, and be the authoritative resource for OSH professionals seeking training, education, and development.


  1. Gain consensus within the safety community on the definitions of the various levels of safety professionals and practitioners.
  2. Increase employers' and other stakeholders' understanding of competencies, capabilities, and the value of safety professionals.
  3. Expand the number of accredited college and university safety and health programs.
  4. Grow the professionalism and career development of OSH professionals with programs based on criteria for professional competence and assessment of their needs.
  5. Improve the professional knowledge and skills of OSH professionals and increase their awareness of the issues affecting their industry.
  6. Expand the variety of media for delivering education to OSH professionals.

Goal 3:
ASSE will be the recognized source of OSH knowledge and resources.


  1. Grow the body of knowledge of the OSH Profession.
  2. Enhance the collection, organization, and dissemination of the body of knowledge content.
  3. Enhance ASSE’s Professional Safety Journal and other peer-reviewed publications to keep OSH Professionals informed of the key issues and most relevant discourse in the Profession.
  4. Grow the scope and quality of technical materials for the various specialty areas of the Profession.
  5. Increase in-depth treatment of essential topics within the body of knowledge by publishing technical standards and books.

Goal 4:
ASSE will be the voice of the OSH Profession.


  1. Expand communications to the business community and other stakeholders regarding the value of the safety profession and safety professional.
  2. Increase the recognition of the ASSE as a credible and reliable source for OSH information.
  3. Increase ASSE’s influence in the development of regulations and legislation that affect the practice of the profession or the activities of the Society.
  4. Increase the awareness in the business community of the importance of safety as part of good governance and corporate social responsibility/sustainability.
  5. Expand the role of the safety professional in corporate social responsibility and sustainability/ policy development.

Goal 5:
ASSE will foster and sustain a global community among OSH professionals.


  1. Expand and support the development of a diverse OSH professional community with strong domestic and international membership involvement throughout the Society.
  2. Increase mutually beneficial intersociety relationships and partnerships including opportunities for shared membership, programs, services and conferences.
  3. Expand the development and delivery of programs and services that reach to and involve our global Society membership, address important issues, and increasingly meet the needs of the global OSH community.
  4. Increase the recognition and promotion of the achievements of Society members and the OSH profession.
  5. Expand the promotion of Codes of Conduct in order to establish ethical standards of performance throughout the Society.

Goal 6:
ASSE will expand its sphere of influence through diverse and responsible Society growth.


  1. Increase the recruitment and retention of Professional Members and those seeking to increase professional competency.
  2. Increase involvement, volunteerism and leadership development while building diversity throughout the Society to create a culture for a positive member experience.
  3. Expand the utilization of all Society resources and information to broaden the appeal and increase the value of membership.
  4. Increase professional development programs and services in collaboration with other domestic and international organizations.
  5. Increase initiatives that contribute to the Society’s sound financial base.

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