To contact ASSE staff members by phone, dial (847) 768-####, where #### is the proper four-digit extension listed below.

To contact ASSE staff members by email, click the proper department name for your inquiry.

Name Title Extension
Adele Gabanski Administrative Assistant - Administration 3435
Bruce Sufranski Director, Finance/Controller 3401
Chris Paluszek Accounting Coordinator 3464
Liz Fidoruk Assistant Controller 3407
Trina Cotton Accounts Payable Coordinator 3458
Yesenia Correa Senior Accountant 3439
Chapter Services
Arielle Semmel Manager, Chapter Communities 3403
Geri Golonka Member/Region Affairs Coordinator 3424
Cathy Baker Associate Editor - Professional Safety 3414
Rachel Metea Communications Content Specialist 3468
Sue Trebswether Senior Manager, Communications/Editor - Professional Safety 3433
Tim Shuannessey Digital Content Producer 3422
Tina Angley Managing Editor - Professional Safety 3438
Customer Service
Ann Cannata Processing Assistant 3455
Donna Ward Supervisor, Customer Service 3463
Karen Potempa Customer Service Representative 3442
Kathy Leidiger Customer Service Representative 3454
Lina Montoya Customer Service Representative 847 232.2011
Tasia Plott Customer Service Representative 3452
Denisa Janji Executive Assistant 3476
Dennis Hudson Executive Director & Director, Professional Affairs 3402
Bill Vacek Mail/Facilities Assistant 3453
Claudio Sanchez Facilities Manager 3444
Jukka Kallio Mail/Facilities Assistant 3456
Mary Goranson Director, Foundation 3412
Matt Sells Development & Programs Coordinator 3447
Willy Medina Development & Communications Specialist 3404
Cathy Salgado Manager, Global Marketing & Communications 3472
Government and Public Affairs
Brenda Zylstra Manager, Government Affairs & Policy 3478
Dave Heidorn Director, Public Affairs & Communications 3406
Human Resources
Leslie Lane-Palmer Manager, Human Resources 3443
Information Technology
Andy Grygo Senior Manager, Information Systems 3410
Jack Wozny Network Administrator 3430
Dolores Suarez Manager, Marketing Services 3423
Ian Phillips Digital Marketing Manager 3415
Jacalin Oser Graphic Designer 3470
Lauren Thompson Marketing Communications Specialist 3440
Mariam Thomas Marketing Analyst 3413
Micah D'Orazio Director, Marketing 3419
Michael Noerper Account Representative 847 232.2013
Nancy Jakocko-O'Toole Senior Customer Relations/Sales Specialist 3466
Stephanie Johnson Manager, Marketing Services 3461
Tom Kerschner Account Executive 3446
Trinity Stachura Marketing Assistant 3441
Member/Region Affairs
Char Haguewood Manager, Practice Specialties 3436
Kim McDowell Director, Member/Region Affairs 3420
Liz Urban Manager, Membership Development 3459
Susan Clark Member/Student Services Coordinator 847 232.2010
Practices & Standards
Jennie Dalesandro Practices & Standards Coordinator 3449
Lauren Bauerschmidt Manager, Standards Development 3475
Ovidiu Munteanu Manager, Standards Development 847 232.2012
Tim Fisher Director, Standards & Technical Services 3411
Professional Affairs
Laura Clements Manager, Professional & Global Affairs 3451
Yassie Dunn Senior Manager, Global Growth & Development 3428
Professional Development (Education)
Aleese Eckenrode Manager, Education & Program Development 3405
Bonnie Lipinski Manager, Conferences and Meetings 3467
Cindy Milner Manager, Conferences and Meetings 3448
Dan McNeill Director, Professional Development 3437
Keisha Raines Manager, Education Development 3471
Marge Krumpolz Professional Development Coordinator 3426
Patricia Momney Professional Development Coordinator 3465
Stacie Galimore Administrative Assistant - Professional Development 3462
Stephanie Rennie-Sanchez Senior Manager, Conferences & Meetings 3417
Teri Laliberte Manager, Onsite and Global Education 3429
Tracy Flaherty Coordinator, Conferences & Meetings 3421
Public Relations
Blaine Krage Senior Media Relations Specialist 3416
Social Media
Brendan Hilliard Digital Content Strategist 3427
Technical Publications
Jeri Stucka Publishing Associate 3425
Rick Blanchette Manager, Technical Publications 3408
Alex Kotsores Web Developer/Designer 3479
Dzmitry Komsa Web Developer/Designer 3469
Faiyazuddin Mohammed Developer/Report Writer 847 232.2032
Karen Scott Senior Application/Database Analyst 3432
Kasia McGrew Senior Manager, Web and Applications 3457
Mark Huelskamp Web Developer/Designer 3445
Walt Cohen DB Administrator 3431

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