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These Operating Procedures provide instructions and operating guidelines to the Technical Publications Committee (referred hereinafter as "the Committee"), and the Staff liaison to the Committee concerning Committee actions.  The responsibilities of the Council on Professional Development with regard to the Committee are also delineated.


The primary mission of the Committee is to:

  • Provide technical reviews of all publishing proposals that have been submitted to ASSE for consideration to help maintain the quality and technical integrity of ASSE publications”.

The secondary mission of the Technical Publications Committee is to:

  • Evaluate the writing style and prose of the proposed author(s) based upon the materials submitted in an effort to determine their specific capabilities to produce a viable manuscript.
  • Provide new ideas and suggestions for ASSE publications, topics and authors
  • Promote or market ASSE as a publisher.


The American Society of Safety Engineers has an obligation to provide quality professional, technical, and educational services and programs to its members. The Committee assumes a major role in meeting this obligation. When fulfilling this responsibility, the Committee will utilize Council and Board-approved procedures and guides as its primary basis for operation.


The number of members appointed to serve on the Committee shall not exceed 7. Members shall be representative of academia and industry to ensure a comprehensive review of proposed manuscripts. Committee members shall be appointed by the Vice President of the Council on Professional Development and approved by the Council on Professional Development.

Terms of each member shall be two (2) years with the membership maintaining staggered terms to ensure a level of continuity within the Committee. Members may be appointed for additional term(s) at the discretion of the appointing authority. The Chair shall be designated by the Vice President of the Council on Professional Development.


The Committee is responsible to the Council on Professional Development which maintains final responsibility for the Committee's activities.
The primary Board member to whom the chair of the Committee reports is the Vice President of the Council on Professional Development. The Vice President of the Council on Professional Development is responsible for reporting and addressing any activities of the Committee to the Board of Directors which may be the focus of any discussion within the Board's various findings.


Within the responsibilities and purposes identified in previous sections, the Committee shall:
Provide written reviews and comments on publishing proposals. Reviews shall be based on sound, technical knowledge of the subject matter and shall result in one of the following recommendations:

  1. To publish the proposed work.
  2. To refrain from publication until further, specific information is obtained from the potential author(s).
  3. To not publish the proposed work.

Participate in periodic conference calls (e.g., as necessary), coordinated by ASSE Staff liaison, to discuss recently reviewed proposals and the current direction of ASSE's technical publication efforts.


Teleconference meetings will be held as necessary as determined by the Chair. Quorum
A quorum shall be a simple majority of Committee members. No official business shall be discussed nor actions taken, without a quorum, except as that necessary to conduct planning and implement established action plans.

The agenda for each meeting shall be developed by the Chair, in conjunction with Society Staff and shall be forwarded to each member prior to the meeting.

The Manager of Technical Publications will prepare minutes for all Committee meetings and distribute to all Committee members for review and comment. A vote to approve the minutes will be conducted by email ballot within 30 days of the meeting.  A copy of the approved minutes shall be provided to the Director of Professional Development and to the Council on Professional Development.

Reports of activities will be summarized by the Chair and submitted to the Vice President of the Council on Professional Development, as requested by the Vice President of the Council on Professional Development.


The Manager of Technical Publications is assigned the liaison to the Committee.


The Committee operates within the Society budget, including all support expenses for teleconferencing that may be required.

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