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These Operating Procedures provide instruction and guidance to the PDC Planning Committee (referred hereinafter as "the committee").


The primary responsibility of the PDC Planning Committee is to:
Plan, develop and implement a quality educational conference where SH&E professionals can increase their knowledge and skills through educational sessions, exhibits and networking activities. Specific objectives are:

  • Meet the educational needs of the members and profession (Program)
  • Create Networking Opportunities
  • Give attendees the opportunity to preview goods and services available and useful to the profession (Exposition)
  • Maximize exposure of ASSE products and services (ASSE Service Center)
  • Enhance the Conference Experience for attendees


The Chair shall be designated by the Vice President, Council on Professional Development. The Chair shall serve as an ex-officio member of this Council, and can serve for a maximum of three consecutive years. The number of additional members appointed to serve on the Committee shall not exceed 10. , unless by exception.  Appointees shall be approved by the Council on Professional Development. At least one representative member of the local chapter of the city in which the PDC is being planned should also be appointed to the Committee. Terms of each member shall be one (1) year. Members may be reappointed for additional terms at the discretion of the committee chair.
The Committee is structured to operate with subcommittees. These subcommittees may be: 1) Program, 2) Logistics and General Arrangements, 3) Host Chapter. Subcommittee members are appointed by the Committee Chair. Other subcommittees or task forces can be formed as necessary.



Frequency: The Committee shall meet at least twice a year. Meetings may be conducted by telephone conference, webinar or in person.

Schedule: The schedule of meetings shall be drawn up by the committee chair and agreed to by the committee members.

Parliamentary Procedure: Procedures are governed by the Society bylaws and the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order (newly revised).

Business of the Committee: Official business of the committee may be transacted at meetings and by mail, email or FAX ballot. Such ballots require a simple majority of ballots received within a deadline not to exceed seven working days from the date of mailing, email or FAX.

Minutes: Minutes will be prepared for each committee meeting.


Reports of activities will be summarized by the Chair and submitted to the Vice President, Council on Professional Development as required.

Staff Liaison

The Director, Professional Development and the Manager, Conferences and Meetings and are the assigned liaisons to the Committee. Staff liaisons are responsible for coordinating the committee's plan for the conference's program; exposition; special events; tours; new initiatives.

The committee will work with other committees and councils as necessary to meet the Society's needs and objectives to be accomplished during the conference.

Budgeting and Finance

The committee operates within the Society budget, including all support expenses for travel, meeting, and teleconferencing. The staff liaisons will prepare and manage the Conference Budget within the guidelines from the Board of Directors annual budget.


  • The Chair shall submit reports as required by the Council on Professional Development and bylaws.
  • Select topics, speakers and activities/special events that will encourage EH&S professionals to attend, and add value.
  • Recommend to the Council on Professional Development for approval by the Board of Directors future conference sites, in order to meet the financial and educational needs of the Society.
  • Provide guidance as necessary to the exposition management company to obtain a high satisfaction level for both exhibitors and attendees.
  • Develop and implement guidelines for Speakers/Moderators, and Host Chapters.
  • Work with staff liaison(s) to ensure that established activities are carried out on schedule.

When fulfilling these responsibilities, the Committee will utilize Council and Board approved procedures and guides as its primary basis for operation.

VI. Administrative Guidelines

1. Staff Liaison: The Director, Professional Development and Manager, Conferences and Meetings shall be the primary staff points of contact for this program. They shall be responsible in general for executing the direction from the Planning Committee and the Program Development Sub-committee. Specifically the following:

  • Maintain appropriate files of correspondence
  • Send out letters of notification to speakers
  • Coordinate all speaker logistics and arrangements
  • Prepare and maintain the speaker budget




Provide guidelines for the development of the program for the annual Professional Development Conference.  A Program Subcommittee will normally be designated to develop the Conference Program. 

II. General Sessions

The selection of general session speakers for the PDC will be managed by the staff Director of Professional Development working with the Chair of the Program Development Sub-committee and the Chair of the PDC Planning Committee. Final approval for the general session speaker(s) will be made by the Chair of the Planning Committee in consultation as necessary with the Society leadership who will preside over the conference. Procedures are as follows:

1. The Director, Professional Development will contact appropriate speakers or speaker bureaus to obtain the names of potential speakers for review and approval by the Committee Chair. He/she shall also manage the arrangements and contract negotiations with the speaker(s) for the Conference.
2. The Manager, Conferences and Meetings will prepare the budget for speakers, in accordance with existing guidance and procedures of the Society.
3. The number of general session speakers will be in accord with the program planned by the Conference Planning Committee. The objective of the selection process will be to identify the speaker(s) nine months prior to the Conference.

III. Concurrent Session Speakers

The process for the selection for Concurrent Educational Session Speakers will be as follows:

1. Program Development Sub-committee will be appointed with a Chair of the Sub-committee and members from the PDC Planning Committee.
2. The PDC Planning Committee may provide guidance to the Program Development Sub-committee at the Fall Committee meeting. Staff will research key issues and education needs for use in the selection. Areas of focus:

  • Major topic areas of interest to the profession/membership
  • Selection criteria for respondents to the call for presenters
  • Specific presenters desired
  • Overall program direction and theme
  • Milestone dates for accomplishment of action items

3. The Program Development Sub-committee will review all submissions, including those from Practice Specialties and other Councils and develop a rank order of scores of the speaker proposals based on the criteria above and guidance from the Planning Committee. Each proposal submitted will, if possible, be evaluated in the blind (i.e., not knowing how other members evaluate the package). A rubric will be developed that delineates evaluation criteria and weighting factors.  Late submissions need only be considered if time permits.

IV. Program

1. The selection of speakers or presentations for the program will be designed to meet the conference objectives. Program objectives for each conference will be promulgated in the Call for Presenters.
2. The program development sub-committee may develop other initiatives for events in addition to speaker proposals that support the conference objectives for the program.
3. The Program Sub-committee will select speakers based on:

  • Evaluation score of the proposal
  • Desirability of the topic
  • Past performance of the speaker
  • Avoiding one speaker/organization speaking too frequently.

4. After the individual evaluation of all submissions and initiatives, the Program Sub-committee will assemble a program for the review of the Planning Committee.




A Logistics and General Arrangements Subcommittee will be designated to oversee the Exposition, technical and guest tours, networking events, incorporating technology, and enhancing the attendees’ and exhibitors’ experience


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