Section 8.9

Chapter Dues

Article I - Purpose

Each member, except Students, Emeritus and Honorary Members, shall be assessed annual Chapter dues as determined by Chapter members, in addition to Society dues.

All Society and Chapter dues shall be paid together annually in advance by the anniversary of each member's election date.

To insure consistency, timeliness and accounting principles of Chapter dues, Chapters will follow this standard guideline for the approval of chapter dues and headquarters processing of the Chapter dues.

Article II – Chapter Dues Approval Procedure

Upon determination by the Chapter that a dues increase/decrease is needed, the Chapter determines the amount of the dues that shall be set. Chapter dues shall be determined by vote of the Chapter membership at any regular or special meeting where a quorum is present. All Chapter members shall be notified at least 30 days in advance regarding dues proposals. An appropriate motion shall be made and approved at the Chapter meeting.

Article III – Chapter Dues Increase/Decrease Reporting

The Chapter dues rate will be on an annual basis whereby each member renewal will owe the set amount. The Chapter President or Chapter Treasurer shall provide documentation of changes to the approved Chapter dues for the next Fiscal Year to the Manager, Chapter/Student Services by March 1. A confirmation communication will be provided to the Chapter Officer making the report. If the Chapter Officer does not receive a confirmation, the Chapter dues change notice was not received.

The Chapter dues amount will be set in the financial software system at Society Headquarters, once annually, on March 1. If changes are not received by March 1, the Chapter dues amount from the current Fiscal Year will be used for the next Fiscal Year that begins on April 1. The due date is necessary to meet the invoice printing cycle for member dues amounts beginning April 1.

Note: Due to invoicing timelines, changes in Chapter dues received will not impact member renewals until July 1.

Article IV - Society Headquarters Financial Processing Procedure

Members will pay Chapter dues upon joining the Society and annually on their membership renewal. For the fiscal year, beginning April 1 and ending on March 31, the Chapter will receive their monthly dues less any applicable Region assessments or outstanding balances owed including Chapter web hosting fees. The funds will be transferred to the Chapter treasury account on a monthly basis.

Article V – Treasury Accounts

Any changes to Chapter treasury accounts must be reported by filling out the Bank Information Sheet to ensure timely processing of monthly dues.

Article VI – Amendments

Amendments to these procedures will become effective following approval by the Council on Member and Region Affairs and the Board of Directors.

Approved By/Date: Board of Directors 2/6/10

Replaces Edition Dated: 10/5/06

Next Revision Due: 2/13


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